New Brunswick

Saint John – St. Peter’s parish

At the invitation of Bishop John Sweeney, the Baltimore Province assumed the responsibility of St. Peter’s parish just at the end of the church’s construction. The monastery was completed in 1887 and became the Toronto Province Novitiate from 1921 to 1941. It also became the centre for the Redemptorists preaching Missions and Retreats throughout Eastern Canada, especially in the Maritimes. A cemetery for Redemptorists was created in 1909 behind the church with 46 confreres buried there. A thriving parish, it was the centre of social and athletic activities at the adjacent ballpark and at the recreational centre, which was built in 1938 under pastor Fr. Gerald Koster’s direction. St. Peter’s Credit Union received its charter in 1937. The parish, which produced more than 45 Redemptorist vocations, the largest number in Canada, was returned to the Saint John Diocese by the Edmonton-Toronto Province.

Saint John – St. Bridget’s, Chapel Grove

Built in 1871 beside a cedar grove, the mission church was served by the Redemptorists from 1884 until the withdrawal from St. Peter’s in 2006. A community of summer residences, Chapel Grove was a favourite spot for vacationing confreres, especially Frs. Gerald and Joseph Owens for 40 years. Under pastor Fr. Gerald Koster, Our Lady’s Camp was opened for needy children from St. Peter’s and operated from 1939 until 1964.

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