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June 2018
Dear Viewers,

We are aware of the many people, who because of age and infirmities, are house-bound. We entrust their concerns and those of their caregivers, to Mary, Our Blessed Mother and to her son, Jesus. We are especially conscious of children and grandchildren who perhaps do not attend Church regularly. Know that the Lord remains close to them. Our God loves all whom He has created. Be assured that the goodness people see in their children and grandchildren are signs of God’s grace active within them.

May this summer be one of peace and joy for you and for those who are near and dear to you. However, if there are moments of pain and suffering; know that the Lord is there walking with you through the troubles you are experiencing. We are never alone. Jesus assured us that “every hair on your head has been counted”.

Know that your intentions will be remembered in our Masses and prayers at the Shrine during this time. The Perpetual Help TV Devotions has been airing since 1996. We hope that the music, prayers and homilies continue to be a source of inspiration to all who watch the program. Thank you for your continued financial support for the TV Devotions. Be assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones whenever we go, in prayer, before the Father of all mercies.

Blessing on you and those you love!

Fr. Babu Mathew, C.Ss.R.

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