We’re Hiring! Nous recrutons!

posted on Apr 16, 11:03 am by Kathy McMerty

                  The Redemptorists of Canada are looking for a Financial Controller

                Les Rédemptoristes du Canada recherchent un Contrôleur Financier

Veuillez faire défiler la page pour lire les informations en français.

Are you a CPA with experience in the not-for-profit sector?

Do you speak both English and French fluently?

If so we have an exciting opportunity for you!

About Us

• We are a not-for-profit…

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Cherished Memories - A Book of Lighthearted Stories of Growing Up in Saint John

posted on Aug 25, 12:51 pm by Kathy McMerty

Br Raymond Pierce launched his new self-published book “Cherished Memories” on July 13, 2023.

His book contains 64 personal lighthearted stories and 60 are about growing up in Saint John, NB. Br Raymond is making his book available for a donation rather than a fixed price. All copies will be autographed by the author. If interested click on Br Raymond’s email here:

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The Camino de Santiago

posted on Jul 12, 02:39 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R.

As many of you may remember, I had long dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago, at least the medieval path in Spain. This is known as the ‘French route’ because it comes down from the French Pyrenees into Spanish Navarra. In fact, I had made plans to walk in autumn 2010 when my third mandate as Provincial came to an end! Instead, I was elected to Rome and had to put these plans on hol…

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Celebrating 100 Years of God’s Delights

posted on Mar 3, 01:35 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Babu Mathew, C.Ss.R.

With gratitude and thanksgiving to all the Redemptorists who came before us, as well as all parishioners past and present, 2023 marks the Centennial of the Redemptorists’ arrival in Vancouver and founding of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. St Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists, in his Ascetical Works reflects on a passage from the Book of Proverbs 8.31 where it is written,…

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Love Renewed at Table 4 Two!

posted on Mar 3, 11:14 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Love! Ever old and yet ever new! In a time when commitments are questioned, fidelity doubted, and trust expressed with fingers crossed behind our backs, it becomes very hard to appreciate and understand our human capacity to love, and to love with the simple promise of a new day.

For the first time since the pandemic began in 2020, Ignite Ministry and St. Patrick’s Parish in Toronto welco…

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Christmas 2022 - Colville Lake, NWT

posted on Feb 17, 03:02 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Leo English, C.Ss.R.

At the invitation of Bishop Jon Hansen in the Diocese of Mackenzie–Fort Smith, I travelled to Fort Good Hope in the north west of the North West Territories. This was my third Christmas to be with the people of that community and, as before, I was given a truly memorable Christmas from Epiphany people. In the land of so much darkness – they were the light!

It was both dark and cold at minus…

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Renewal of Vows on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Grande Prairie

posted on Feb 17, 02:47 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception has always been near and dear to the hearts of Redemptorists, which goes right back to our founder, St. Alphonsus. As you may know, Alphonsus was one of the handful of Catholic writers who championed this doctrine of Mary even before it was officially adopted by the universal Church a century later. So, it is fitting that on this day, under the pat…

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Fr William Edmund Fitzgerald, C.Ss.R. - August 26, 1938 - November 1, 2022

posted on Feb 17, 02:39 pm by Kathy McMerty

By M.C. Havey

Since his death on All Saints Day, heart-felt tributes have been paid about Father William Edmund Fitzgerald as a thoughtful pastor and homilist, and a gentle man.

“I was captivated by his preaching, his laid back style, his humility, his connection to the people and his insights,” observed Father Joseph Ruta at the wake service on November 7th at St. Patrick’s church, Toronto, where Fr. Fitzgerald had…

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First Anniversary in the North

posted on Dec 15, 10:10 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mick Fleming, C.Ss.R.

August 30th marked the first year anniversary of Fr. Bill and I being welcomed into the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. I am happy and content to be able to serve with our brother, Bishop Jon Hansen C.Ss.R here in the diocese. It has been pure joy to serve the people of Behchoko and our missions in Ft. Providence and Wekweeti.

During the first four months, Covid-19 played a significant p…

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Celebrating Mary in Nine Parts

posted on Nov 25, 11:20 am by Kathy McMerty

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Advent has arrived. A time of waiting, expecting, remembering the One who came among us and changed history. In remembering Him, we always remember her, Mary, the Mother of God, to whom we pray for direction, for guidance and insight into what has been put before us and how best to serve God through the challenges and relationships which come our way in everyday life.

Join Dr. Josephine Lom…

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Welcome to DevotionsTV 2022

posted on Oct 18, 12:04 pm by Kathy McMerty

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to the 28th year of broadcasting DevotionsTV on VisionTV and Salt+LightTV. We present new homilies for the broadcast from Dr. Anne Walsh, a favorite homilist for DTV’s 50,000 weekly viewers. Anne’s homilies are always available on where more than 850,000 viewers have visited. These homilies are excellent prayer starters or a way to start a retreat session. Please h…

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Fr Bill Comerford’s 60th Anniversary of Priesthood

posted on Jul 5, 10:56 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

On the 18th of June, Rev. William (Bill) Comerford, and the community of St. Patrick’s – Toronto, hosted a celebration for the 60th anniversary of priesthood of Fr. Bill. We began with a Eucharistic celebration at 11:00 am. This was presided over by Fr. Charles Duval C.Ss.R., our Provincial Superior. Along with Fr. Charles, Fr. Tom O’Rourke C.Ss.R., the pastor of St. Patrick parish, a…

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Five Months at St. Mary's, Saskatoon

posted on Feb 1, 10:53 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

As most of you might be aware, I have never been a pastor or even an associate pastor in any of our parishes. I have done lots of parish work usually while in residence in one of our rectories. Hence, when I agreed to accept responsibility for St. Mary’s Parish (the Bishop named me ‘parochial administrator” – so perhaps I still haven’t been a pastor!) for the final five months of our Rede…

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Christmas in the North

posted on Feb 1, 10:32 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mick Fleming, C.Ss.R.

The month of January has been a cold one to say the least with the cold and wind chill on days reaching the -40’s. We are doing live streaming of Masses again because of the increased numbers of Covid-19 cases in the Territories.

Thank God we were able to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s services. The Christmas schedule was hectic, but I enjoyed it. Two Masses on Christmas Eve, I fini…

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Ministering in the Northwest Territories

posted on Dec 3, 03:13 pm by Kathy McMerty

Behchoko- By Fr Mick Fleming, C.Ss.R.

The community of Behchoko is the largest First Nations community in the Northwest Territories, located near the North Arm of Great Slave Lake.

Behchoko was formally known as Rae-Edzo, the name was officially changed under the Tlicho agreement in 2005. Behchoko in the Tlicho language means, “Big Knife,” and it is comprised of three communities, Rae, Edzo and Frank Channel. The pop…

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First Profession of Noel Oco, Andrew Phillips and Noel Bustillos

posted on Jun 30, 02:32 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

Why would anyone take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in a world that offers so many other options to live a full life? Fr. Charles Duval, the Provincial of the Redemptorists in Canada, in the opening words of his homily quoted St. Paul, who gives us an answer. “The love of Christ urges us on.” It may seem strange to some but it is all about love.

After two years as candidates…

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Unmarked Children’s Graves at the Kamloops Residential School - The Fallout in Elsipogtog

posted on Jun 30, 02:32 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Bill Bernard, C.Ss.R.

At our last zoom meeting to prepare for the General Chapter, some of the members of our small group asked me about the reaction at Elsipogtog to the news that about 215 unmarked graves of children had been discovered at the former Kamloops Residential School. The picture here gives a partial answer to that question.

On Saturday evening, someone in the community put out a collection of chi…

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When God Closes a Door, God builds a New Window - Celebrating the Legacy of the Catholic Settlement House, Toronto

posted on Jun 30, 02:32 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

In May 2021, the Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto Region sold the property of 131 McCaul Street to Tribute Communities for a multiuse development of condominiums, daycare centre, and new facilities to be used by Redemptorists and St. Patrick’s Parish Office into the future.

As plans for demolition became reality, the Redemptorists, representatives of Tribute Communities, members of the…

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Ordination of Alfredo Medina Ramos

posted on Jun 1, 12:18 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

May 27th, 2021 will be written as a very special day in the Chronicles of the Province. The setting for this special day is Zacatecas, Mexico and the Cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. The church is a world heritage site and thousands of tourists come yearly to see its unique architecture. The original church was built in 1568 and the present Cathedral dates from 1752.


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Reflecting on a Year in Novitiate

posted on Apr 30, 03:08 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Andrew Phillips

Overall, the time that I have spent here at the Novitiate in Toronto has been a good year of prayer, discernment, and developing relationships with my fellow Novices and the Redemptorist community here at St Germain. Throughout this time in Novitiate, I have really enjoyed learning about the Congregation’s history, charism, and what my life might possibly look like as a Redemptorist. I also find i…

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Investiture in the Novitiate

posted on Apr 1, 04:48 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

March 15th, the feast of St Clement Mary Hofbauer was a special day of celebration in the house of formation. We not only remembered St Clement but we also had the Investiture of the habit for our three novices (pictured from left to right: Noel Oco, Andrew Phillips and Noel Bustillos).

We were pleased to have Fr. Provincial, Fr. Charles, with us. He offered us an inspiring reflection…

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Missioning through a Monitor

posted on Apr 1, 04:18 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Tony Bidgood, C.Ss.R.

Here in Newfoundland, like most of the country, we are in a lockdown situation after a sudden spike of COVID19 cases, this time of the new UK variant B117. For us on RAFFT, we quickly pivoted back to doing some of the work we could do, online. For example, during the first lockdown in the spring, we moved centring prayer online, and saw an increase in participants! We have done the same…

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Partnership in Mission: An Update

posted on Mar 4, 03:58 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

Taking advantage of a brief lull after preaching the Archdiocesan Lenten Mission in St John’s with the Redemptorist Adult Faith Formation Team – Tony Bidgood, CSsR and David Louch, CSsR and myself – I thought I’d offer you a glimpse into what’s been going on with the other aspect of my work, which is Partnership in Mission in our Province of Canada, in the Conference of North America and our Redemptorist…

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Ministry Across Canada in a Pandemic

posted on Feb 4, 04:10 pm by Kathy McMerty

OLPH, Vancouver (By Bertilla Watanabe)

Dear friends of the Redemptorist community, it’s been the most memorable Christmas ever! It’s the Christmas we used technology to bridge everything – touching granddad on camera, sharing mulled wine with friends over Zoom and celebrating Mass on YouTube. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it brought a tear, sometimes laughter… at the sheer craziness of it all!


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“Igniting” Hearts of Young People in COVID Times

posted on Nov 2, 12:04 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

It should be no surprise that our Ignite Youth and Young Adult Ministry across the country was a little short circuited this past year due to COVID-19. However, despite the unusual circumstances and turn of events, Ignite, a program of Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry, has continued to be an active driving force for outreach to youth and young adults across Canada in dynamic and c…

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Sr Pearl Mutter, O.Ss.R. - 28 January 1928 - 8 October 2020

posted on Oct 19, 02:57 pm by Kathy McMerty

Sister Pearl Mutter O.Ss.R. of the Redemptoristine Nuns of Canada completed her earthly journey for eternity at Providence HealthCare, Toronto, Ontario on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Sister Pearl was born in Humboldt, Saskatchewan on January 28, 1928. Mourning the passing of Sister Pearl Mutter are the Sisters formerly of the Fort Erie, Ontario Monastery and the entire Redemptoristine Order. Sr. Pearl is survived by…

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A Joyful Day with the Lord!

posted on Oct 9, 04:44 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

On September 03, 2020, Alfredo Medina-Ramos was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Robert Kasun, CSB, auxiliary Bishop of Toronto in a moving ceremony at St. Patrick’s National Shrine Church. Even though protocols were in place because of the pandemic, these did not take away from the celebrative mood, the solemnity yet intimacy of the ceremony.

With the adept master of ceremonies, Fr. P…

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Fr Charles Joseph “Bud” Goakery, C.Ss.R. - June 11, 1931 - August 19, 2020

posted on Sep 2, 01:19 pm by Kathy McMerty

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Redemptorists in Canada, regrets to announce the passing of their brother, Father Charles J. “Bud” Goakery, C.Ss.R., on August 19, 2020, at Victoria Hospital in London ON. “Father Charlie,” the eldest son of Charles and Genevieve Goakery, was born in Saint John, NB on June 11, 1931. He is predeceased by his late parents and two younger brothers, Robert and Bernard, and…

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Hospital Ministry in a Time of COVID

posted on Sep 2, 01:09 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

The virus is terrible!  It has brought about many changes to our world. With all of those changes it has taken longer to find the answers to the constant medical struggles I face. I don’t think anyone could disagree with that truth, yet with all of the terrible pieces of truth that have come to us with COVID-19, and there are many, the days of the virus have given me a wonderful opport…

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Redemptorists and the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

posted on Sep 2, 01:02 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Virginia DeWitt, Archivist

In the fall of 1918, Canadians were looking forward to the hoped for end of the First World War (1914-1918) when another catastrophe struck, this time very close to home. What became known as the Spanish Influenza spread at a devastating pace throughout Canadian society. By the time it was officially over in 1920, the epidemic in Canada left a death toll (55,000) which was almost as larg…

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A Look Back at Fr. Daniel Ehman, C.Ss.R.

posted on Sep 2, 12:59 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Virginia De Witt, Archivist

September 17th marks 45 years since the passing of Fr. Daniel Ehman (1903 – 1975). Fr. Ehman enjoyed a long and varied ministry as a Redemptorist, not least as a Provincial Superior of the Toronto Province (1947 – 1952), and as a preacher of missions. However, perhaps the part of his career that resonates most right now was his tenure as pastor of the German Congregation at St. Patrick’…

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posted on May 15, 09:35 am by Kathy McMerty

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to the May edition of (RTV).

This year, we are celebrating ten years of RTV and its presentation of on-line Catholic education videos, along with 25 years of broadcasting the weekly DevotionsTV program Wednesdays on VisionTV and Salt+LightTV.

RTV’s May edition of RTV highlights reflections from Fr. Mark Miller CSsR. Fr. Mark has been a steady and enlightening gu…

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Inviting Young Adults to join the DIALOGUE!

posted on Jan 24, 09:20 am by Kathy McMerty

Saturday March 21, 2020 9 am – 7 pm
Ss. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church
1201 10th St. E. (10th St. E and Munroe Av), Saskatoon

Questioning Faith? Don’t see the point of Church, faith or Religion? Join the Dialogue! Dialogue 2020 is an opportunity for Young Adults (age 18-39) and Redemptorist Priests to gather and “Dialogue” about REAL issues that are faced in life, faith a…

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Bethlehem - The Town of His Birth

posted on Jan 9, 08:14 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

Without getting into a debate as to whether Jesus was born in Bethlehem or in Nazareth, just want to say that I was privileged to live in Bethlehem for a little over 2 weeks as part of a Canadian Church Delegation to Palestine. I was asked to represent the Canadian Religious Conference and so on November 16th I flew off to Palestine. We were 8 in number and most of our group flew directly…

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Ignite Canada: Re-imagining our Mission with and for Young People Today

posted on Jan 3, 10:05 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Celebrating our history in our Ministry to Young People in Canada

Over three decades, Redemptorists in Canada have undertaken bold and exciting initiatives in the area of Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry (RYVM) as an outreach with and for young people throughout our country. In all three regions of our newly formed Canadian Province, we have had a tremendous history of mission and…

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Fr. Thomas Ralph McQuaid, C.Ss.R. - March 1, 1932 - October 22, 2019

posted on Dec 5, 02:26 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.
(A special thank-you to Virginia DeWitt and Fr. Mark Miller for their contributions to this article.)

Fr. Ralph McQuaid, C.Ss.R., was born on March 1, 1932, in Detroit, Michigan. He died at the age of 87. On Tuesday, the 29th of October 2019, Fr. Charles Duval led us in a Mass of the Resurrection in the presence of Fr. Ralph’s body.

I was saddened by his death and the paradox of his li…

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First Provincial Chapter for the Redemptorist Province of Canada

posted on Nov 6, 03:28 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

Queen of the Apostles Renewal Centre has been the site for many of our Redemptorist assemblies and chapters. However, the gathering from October 14 to 18 was particularly significant. It was the first Chapter for the newly created Province of Canada. The new province is the fusion of three Canadian units – the Redemptorist Byzantine Mission to the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, the…

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Bishop Jon Hansen on Redemptorists and Race

posted on Nov 6, 02:22 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Virginia De Witt, Archivist

The North American Redemptorist History Conference, held at Oconomowoc, focused on the topic of Redemptorists and race this year. Bishop Jon Hansen offered his perspective, gained from his years in the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith, NWT, on this complex subject during his talk on the Redemptorist pastoral response to the Indigenous peoples of Canada.

“The life of a Northern missionary…

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Redemptorist Historical Studies History Conference - Seelos Award Winners and Fr. Joseph Owens Presentation

posted on Nov 6, 01:51 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey

Two historic precedents were set last week at the Seelos award ceremony during the triennial conference of the Redemptorist Historical Studies of North America in Oconomowoc.

In receiving the Seelos history award, I became the first woman and full-time professional archivist to be chosen “in recognition of outstanding contribution of historical research and writing.” Two glass ceilings broken in one hit.…

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90th Anniversary of German Congregation at St. Patrick's Church

posted on Nov 6, 01:43 pm by Kathy McMerty

by Virginia De Witt, Archivist

On Sunday October 6, 2019, ninety years to the day of their founding, the parishioners of St. Patrick’s German Congregation gathered for Mass and the “Kirchweihfest” – a celebration of the founding of the parish community.

On Sunday October 6, 1929 Fr. Paul Stroh, a German speaking Redemptorist from the Baltimore Province, celebrated the first Mass with 300 or so German Catholics in St. P…

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Fr. Charles Duval Becomes the First Provincial Superior of the Province of Canada

posted on Aug 8, 01:48 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Welcome to the inauguration of the Congrégation du Très Saint Rédempteur Province du Canada – Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer Province of Canada! On the 1st of August, in the community chapel at the Redemptorist monastery at Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, Fr. Charles Duval greeted us as the new Provincial Superior. He reminded us that with change, come the challenges and our ever presen…

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Novitiate Year Begins in Lima, Ohio

posted on Aug 8, 01:46 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

2019-2020 Novitiate Community in the Redemptorist Chapel, Lima Ohio: (Left to Right) Dai Ho, Joseph Nguyen, Steven Urban, Fr. Ed Eherer CSsR (Director of Novices), Fr. Chuong Cao CSsR (Assistant Director of Novices), Vinh Nguyen, Jose Montoya, Bao Tran.

Although July 24, 2019 marked the official start of the 2019-2020 North American Redemptorist novitiate, the launch was the result of several…

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At the Shrine of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré

posted on Aug 8, 10:41 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Grace and peace abound, for those who make the pilgrimage to Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré for her novena and the feast day on the 26th of July. I invite vocation inquirers to come and work side by side with Redemptorists at this time of year. These men lead prayers, give short testimonies, do some manual labour, experience common prayer and meals in a community, and meet Redemptorists and pilgri…

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Fr. Joseph Michael Patrick Murphy, C.Ss.R. - May 5, 1918 - December 2, 2018

posted on Jan 24, 02:22 pm by Kathy McMerty

By , Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

On Tuesday morning, Dec. 11th, the body of Fr. Joe Murphy was brought to St. Alphonsus parish in Edmonton for the Mass of Christian Resurrection and a celebration of his life. A scant seven months earlier, many Redemptorists, diocesan priests, and religious sisters along with family and friends had gathered in the same church to celebrate Fr. Joe’s 100th birthday. Now we were saying go…

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Canadian Redemptorist War Chaplains Immortalized in Ottawa

posted on Jan 24, 01:13 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa has accepted the archives’ donation about the 31 war chaplains from the Toronto Province. The information of their military service and photographs were published in Community Connections a year ago and more recently as a chapter in the book about The Redemptorists in English-speaking Canada.

Jennifer Potter, acquisitions and documentation officer at the museu…

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English-Canadian Province Began on May 19, 1918

posted on May 4, 10:22 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

On May 19, 1918, Rector Major Fr. Patrick Murray signed the rescript in Rome, canonically establishing a Canadian province for English-speaking Redemptorists under the name of the Toronto Province. In a letter to Vice Provincial Fr. Patrick Mulhall, Fr. Murray extended congratulations:

The Toronto Province on its erection, on its having the same birthday as the Holy Church. We can have every ho…

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Fr. Joe Murphy is Turning 100!

posted on May 2, 11:39 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

In May 1918, two important events occurred. On May 5, 1918, Michael Joseph Patrick Murphy was born in Halifax. Two weeks later on May 19, a Province for the English-Canadian Redemptorists was created in Rome.

For Fr. Joseph Murphy, Edmonton-Toronto Province’s oldest and distinguished member, the birthday celebration will be held on the actual day of May 5 at St. Alphonsus Church with a Mass and l…

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Bishop Jon Hansen, CSsR: Gift to the Church

posted on Mar 29, 04:36 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Louch, C.Ss.R.

I was one of eight Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists who participated in the ordination of our confrere Jon Paul Christian Hansen as the seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith on March 16, 2018.

Since I arrived in Yellowknife the day before, I was able to be at the prayer service during which Fr Jon made the Profession of Faith and swore the Oath of Fidelity in the presence of…

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Table for Two

posted on Mar 2, 01:27 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

Toronto. Just before Valentine’s Day, 20 married and engaged couples sat down to a candlelit dinner-for-two, accompanied by romantic music playing in the background. The menu included a delectable antipasto, pasta al’Arrigo, stuffed Cornish hens with vegetables, all topped off with a decadent Double Diablo chocolate cake. But this fabulous dinner wasn’t being served at a toney, five-star…

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Vocations - The London Chinese Catholic Community, Couples for Christ and The Welcome Home

posted on Mar 2, 11:07 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts.” (Acts 2:46). “… to Philemon our dear friend and co-worker, to Apphia our sister, to Archippus our fellow-soldier, and to the church in your house…” (Philemon v. 1-2)

The early Church consisted of small groups meeting within people’s homes or small publ…

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Christmas & New Year’s in the Far North

posted on Feb 1, 02:09 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

Over the past couple of years I have been delighted to hear the stories of the confreres who have made the trek to Inuvik at either Christmas or Easter in order to help Fr. Jon Hansen with his quaternity of parishes. Every confrere who has experienced this time in the North has come back full of enthusiasm and with great tales of the landscape and environment, of the people and their custo…

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Rise Up 2017

posted on Feb 1, 11:34 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“Dominion from sea to sea….”

These words, taken from the prophet Jeremiah and engraved on the tower of our Federal Parliament building, were a perfect title for our conference of over 800 attendees, associated with Catholic Christian Outreach. A conference with representatives from every province of Canada, from over 70 college and university campuses, and held in Ottawa at the end of Dec…

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The Edmonton-Toronto Provincial Commission for Partnership in Mission

posted on Feb 1, 11:15 am by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

The Edmonton-Toronto Commission for Partnership in Mission met at 426 St. Germain Ave. in Toronto on the weekend of January 5-7, 2018. This early January meeting time has become the common practice of the PIM Commission in this quadriennium and, although the Canadian winter does its best to challenge us, we have proved ourselves up to the challenge!

The members gathered throughout the afternoon and eveni…

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Fr Jon Hansen, CSSR Appointed Bishop of Mackenzie-Fort Smith

posted on Jan 10, 04:07 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

Since moving to Inuvik as pastor of Our Lady of Victory parish in 2015, Fr. Jon Hansen, the next Bishop of Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese, has raised the awareness of the missions of western Canadian Arctic on many aspects.

Through superb photographs and captivating updates, he has chronicled lyrically about the mission territory, describing glimpses of daily life, the contrasts of scenery, weath…

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Historic Meeting Held on January 22, 1918

posted on Jan 10, 04:03 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

As early as 1916, a serious attempt was made to create an English-Canadian Province. Following numerous letters continuing to encourage the establishment of a Canadian Province, Extraordinary Visitor Fr. Thomas Brown, Provincial Superior of the St. Louis Province, called a special meeting in Buffalo, NY. Before the meeting on January 22, 1918, Fr. Brown wrote: “I think we can regard its establis…

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For the New Year: Looking Ahead and Looking Back

posted on Jan 10, 03:46 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Wow! It has been many, many months since I have been able to make time to write. My difficulty with time for writing is that much of my time is taken up in speaking with, writing to, and visiting families of men who are interested in joining our Redemptorist community. As one man asked me this fall after attending vocation activities since last spring, “so what’s the next step for join…

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Fr. Gerald Keindel, C.Ss.R. (Jan 12, 1935 - Aug 14, 2017)…

posted on Sep 8, 04:17 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

Fr. Gerald “Tex” Keindel died on the morning of Monday, August 14th at Villa Marguerite in Edmonton at the age of 82. He had been diagnosed four months earlier with esophageal cancer for which radiation was prescribed to stop the tumour from closing his esophagus but which would likely not be amenable to further treatment. A shunt was inserted in his esophagus to enable him to swallow, b…

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Triduum of Our Mother of Perpetual Help at St. Patrick's

posted on Aug 3, 10:29 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

The instruction from Pope Pius IX was a simple one: “Make her known.” And in the 151 years that have passed since that day, generations of Redemptorists around the world worked diligently to answer that call. Once again, St. Patrick’s Church in Toronto has continued that mission to promote the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, known as “the Icon of Love.” From June 26 to June 28, thous…

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A Feast Day for Our Mother Like No Other

posted on Aug 2, 01:42 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Bertilla Watanabe

Jubilation and high numbers on the UV index marked Our Lady’s feast day celebrations and Marian Consecration in Vancouver in June. Coming together for the special 4pm Mass were two archbishops, priests from our neighbouring parishes, a full choir with visiting musicians, the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus in capes, swords and feathers and a church full of happy people.

The main celebrant was Archb…

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A Festival of Faith - My Experience of the Novena at Clonard - June 14-22, 2017

posted on Aug 2, 01:08 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

I have been hearing about the Clonard Novena since I became connected with the Redemptorists, and everything I heard made me want to see, be part of, and experience this nine-day festival of faith in honour of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. So, imagine my delight when Fr. Noel Kehoe, CSsR, the rector of Clonard and a good friend, invited me to be part of the preaching team for the 2017 novena. I confess to…

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Mount Carmel’s 150th Anniversary, Pilgrimage to Martyrs’ Shrine & More

posted on Jun 30, 01:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In Marty Haugen’s composition of “Canticle of the Sun”, we hear: “The heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for joy! Come dance in the forest, come play in the field and sing…sing – to the glory of the Lord!” As spring, and in some places, summer-like weather dawns upon Canada, we can feel the impulse of Catholics to get outside and celebrate God in many w…

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History Papers Depict Redemptorists in Rome

posted on Jun 30, 11:50 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

Two Provincial archivists flew the Redemptorist banner with distinction at a University of Notre Dame history conference in Rome, highlighting a pivotal Scottish confrere in Rome and the effect of the city on a Canadian confrere.

At the conference held at the American university’s Rome Global Gateway facility near the Coliseum and sponsored by the university’s Cushwa Centre, Baltimore Archivist…

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The Last Months of Novitiate

posted on Jun 30, 11:47 am by Kathy McMerty

By Joaquín Garcia-Romanillos , Novice

(The original article was written for the Redemptorist Newsletter of the Spanish province)

The novitiate year in Toronto is entering its final phase. The past few months have had wide-ranging activities with trips and visits.

At the end of March, a meeting of the Board of the North America Novitiate took place with the major superiors from each of the participating Provinces. Als…

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St. Alphonsus at “The Learneds”

posted on Jun 13, 11:55 am by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (sometimes referred to as “The Learneds”) was held in Toronto May 29-June 2, 2017, and St. Alphonsus Liguori seemed happy to once again be among his learned peers! The conference of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association is a portion of the Congress and, at this conference, Dr. Nancy Earle (Associate Professor at Douglas College) and I presented a…

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Annual Student Gathering in Canandaigua

posted on Jun 13, 10:58 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

From the 21st of May through the 27th, all the Redemptorist students in North America along with those in formation ministry and those in vocation ministry met at Notre Dame Retreat Centre, near Rochester, New York.

We gathered in the morning for a two hour workshop. Our presenter was Fr. Dennis Billy C.Ss.R.. He guided us through the life and times of St. Alphonsus. He illustrated th…

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Chapter at Queen of Apostles Retreat Centre

posted on Jun 12, 01:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

From Tuesday the 25th of April through Thursday the 27th, Redemptorists and Lay Missionaries of the Most Holy Redeemer from the Edmonton-Toronto Province met at Queen of Apostles Retreat Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. During our Chapter Sitting we asked the Provincial Council to appoint a committee to investigate how best to handle our internal and external communications. We gave ou…

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Missionary Experience in the Canadian North

posted on May 12, 03:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

by Fr. Mick Fleming, C.Ss.R.

In planning my sabbatical year one of the places where I wanted to have a missionary experience was in the Canadian North, in the land of the midnight sun. Already having one of my confreres, Fr. Jon Hansen, working there in the McKenzie- Fort Smith diocese made the dream a possibility. On February 20th, I boarded my flight in Edmonton and two hours later we landed in Yellowknife. There I…

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Vocations in Toronto and Newfoundland

posted on May 8, 02:15 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“Taste and see the goodness of the Lord” Psalm 34.8
God is indeed so good. One of the many joys I have is to share in people’s experience of the goodness that God works in our lives! Quite often this experience includes literally tasting good food together in a way that helps us to build Gospel friendships. While in Toronto, at a gathering of the University of Toronto Chinese Catholic…

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Perpetual Help TV Devotions Celebrates 22 Years on the Air

posted on Mar 17, 10:30 am by Kathy McMerty

Dear Friends,

We have a lot to celebrate.

For one thing, DevotionsTV (in honour of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, a world-wide ministry of the Redemptorists) has been on national TV for 22 years.

The program is produced by the Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto province.

To celebrate, we have redesigned

And: the weekly TV programs on Vision TV and Salt&LightTV are now live- streamed on Redemptori…

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Fr. Brendan Boland, C.Ss.R. (June 12, 1924 - February 6, 2017)

posted on Mar 16, 09:24 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

On Saturday, Feb. 11th (the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the World Day of Prayer for the Sick), a church full of confreres, family, friends and parishioners gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Vancouver to remember Fr. Brendan Boland, to celebrate his life, and to entrust him to the ever-loving arms of Our Redeemer. At 92 years of age and after a number of months dealing…

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A Glimpse into a Journey Like No Other

posted on Mar 15, 04:37 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mick Fleming, C.Ss.R.

First, let me introduce you to the four Amigos…myself, Stewart, Bishop Don Bolen and Andre (pictured at right), this was our team for the first three weeks of the Camino. Later, on Aug. 24th, we would be joined by Bishop Don’s sister Judy and her husband Bob (pictured below).

Let’s back up, what is the Camino and how did I come to go?

The Camino is a pilgrimage journey of nearly eight hund…

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Finding Purcelldo?!

posted on Mar 15, 04:06 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R
I tell people that I am based in my suitcase and they have a quizzical look on their face. My hope, as you know, is to spend about two weeks in each of our communities across the country. With some side trips to places in which we have no communities, it means that I am not really found in one place for very long. I was delighted once again to spend the New Year with the Catholic Chr…

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“We are in This Together” - in Tuktoyaktuk

posted on Feb 1, 01:36 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Leo English, C.Ss.R.

“We are in this together” was the catch phrase that we – Sr. Fay Trombley scic, Andrea Wan, and I – used during the busy 2016 Christmas season in the most northerly settlement of mainland Canada – Tuktoyaktuk or Tuk, as it is affectionately known, in the Northwest Territories.

Now that I have been in northern Alberta for a while, I have become more and more aware of the pastoral ministry n…

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Journey Across the World - My Experience at the XXV General Chapter

posted on Dec 30, 11:53 am by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

You never know where life will take you! In October 2015, I knew that my name was one of three proposed from the Redemptorist Conference of North America to serve as the lay representative of the Conference at the XXV General Chapter in Pattaya, Thailand. I knew that these names, along with three names from each of the other four conferences would be forwarded to the General Council in Rome, and that…

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A Sacred Garden for The Season

posted on Dec 30, 11:50 am by Kathy McMerty

By Bertilla Watanabe

First it was the rust and crimson colours of fall and now the twinkly lights of Christmas which are beckoning parishioners and passersby alike, to stop and stay a while at the newly landscaped garden of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.

Ever since the grotto was installed for the 150th Anniversary of the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the garden has become a focal point for parish celebrati…

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New Icon of Christ Pantocrator for the Novitiate

posted on Dec 30, 10:26 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

Let your face shine on us and we shall be saved!

We have a new icon in our chapel. It is the face of Christ. It is a copy of the oldest known icon of Christ, which hangs in the monastery of Saint Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula. What I find striking about the icon are the eyes of Christ. When I first spent time looking at the icon I felt intimidated. I felt vulnerable and exposed to…

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The Joyous Life of Fr. Clark McAulay Celebrated (1924-2016)

posted on Dec 6, 04:39 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist (all photos courtesy of the Archives)

The joy, which Fr. Clark McAulay spread throughout his life, was captured at the Mass of Resurrection in St. Patrick’s church, Toronto, on November 24.

Masterfully intermingling humourous anecdotes in his homily, Fr. William Fitzgerald recounted the Redemptorist life of Fr. McAulay, who died on November 20 at Providence Healthcare, Toronto. Fr. Fitzgerald…

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Fr. Daly’s Chalice Travels to Increase Vocations

posted on Dec 6, 04:29 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

An engraved chalice belonging to Fr. George Daly has become part of the vocations project for religious vocations in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Under the Toronto Serra Travelling Vocations Chalice Program, families sign up at their parish to take a chalice home for a week to pray for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life. A vocations prayer, a pamphlet of the mysteries of t…

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Fr. Mason Receives the Seelos History Award

posted on Nov 3, 03:24 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

In baseball terms, the North American Redemptorist history conference in September at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré was a Canadian double play.

For the first time, the conference was held in Canada and Fr. James Mason was the first Canadian confrere to receive the Seelos award from the Institute of Redemptorist Historical Studies in recognition of “his outstanding contribution to historical research an…

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Sharing the Wealth at St. Mary’s

posted on Nov 3, 03:21 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

Twenty-five years ago, as my initial formation was beginning to take place, I met an amazing IHM Sister. She possessed many qualities and she had many lines to describe her life experiences and to teach life lessons. One of her often repeated and familiar phrases stayed near the forefront of my imagination. She would often say; “We are all connected.” Over the years since novitiate,…

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Father Schindler’s Story at St. Patrick’s Donated to the Archives

posted on Nov 3, 03:19 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist (all photos courtesy of the Archives)

An archivist’s excursion to collect records is always a pleasurable occasion. In mid-September in the unlikely venue of the Hilton hotel in downtown Toronto, it was extraordinarily so.

An unexpected treasure trove of material of Fr. Karl Schindler’s, in which he documented his early years at the German parish of St. Patrick’s, Toronto, was donated by Dr. Ch…

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Our Jubilarians for 2016

posted on Oct 4, 09:22 am by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

As you are all aware, the Edmonton-Toronto province did not have a Chapter or Assembly this year which is where we would normally celebrate our Jubilarians. Fortunately, we were still able to celebrate the five men who have arrived at a special anniversary this year when we gathered in Grande Prairie. We first shared the Eucharist with our Redemptorist Associates and then had a wonderful,…

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Introducing the Novitiate of 2016-2017

posted on Oct 3, 04:03 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

Whenever I meet a confrere or someone who knows, I am the novice master the first question inevitably raised is, “How many novices do we have this year?” The answer, “Five.” The second question, “Are there any Canadians?” The answer to that question is, “Unfortunately, no.”

The group this year continues the tradition of having a novitiate that is both international and multi-cultural. I wou…

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Brother Kevin Garvey - (1921-2016)…

posted on Oct 3, 03:49 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

Brother Kevin (Matthew) Garvey was born on February 5, 1921 in Mayo (Buckingham), Quebec, a place he left an indelible mark upon by constructing a Shrine to Our Blessed Mother. He was from a large family; two of his three remaining sisters attended his funeral (Sr. Clarice Garvey, OLM of Toronto; and Claire Hawkes of Aylmer; Mary Burke in Kitchener was unable to attend) along with his one re…

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Reflections on the Death of Ronald Huber - (1944-2016)…

posted on Oct 3, 03:43 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

I walked into the bank on Thursday, September 8 and noticed that one of the teller stations had been converted into a little shrine. On the counter was a small bouquet of flowers, a picture and a sign that read, “In memory of Lily.” I was shocked to read that Lily had passed away. She was a lively little woman who always had a smile and a ready greeting, “Good morning, Father.” I foun…

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Sister Margaret Reid - (1921-2016)…

posted on Oct 3, 03:39 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Sr Mary Gerarda (Annie) Slanina, OSSR

Sister Margaret Reid was born in 1921; the paternal home was in Milton, ON. She was the second of four siblings born to an Irish-Catholic mother and a Protestant father. Margaret was always indignant at the fact that in those days the Catholic Church was less than ‘inclusive’ of her non-Catholic father. This translated into a life-long sensitivity to people of other faiths and…

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What is Happening in Grande Prairie?

posted on Sep 29, 04:31 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Leo English, C.Ss.R.

We have 4 adult faith formation dates scheduled through the next number of months. These evenings are an excellent way to explore in a deeper way articles of our faith journey.

The topics are:
Paschal Mystery (cycle of life & death) on Wednesday, September 28th; Practice of Forgiveness on Wednesday, November 23rd; Managing Grief on Wednesday, February 28th, 2017; and “Real Presence” on We…

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Redemptorist Spirituality Course 2016

posted on Sep 14, 02:45 pm by Kathy McMerty

Part 1 by Fr. David Louch, C.Ss.R.

In February 1977 I participated in the first course on Redemptorist History and Spirituality offered in English in Rome. It was organized and led by Fr Joe Oppitz (Baltimore Province). In the years since then the General Government of the Congregation has established the Centre for Redemptorist Spirituality at our motherhouse in Rome. There has been much ongoing research into our…

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Fr. Graham Hill’s Ordination & First Mass

posted on Sep 14, 01:35 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Graham Hill was ordained a priest, by Archbishop Gerry Pettipas on the 10th of June. Archbishop Gerry spoke about three people who had greatly influenced Graham’s spiritual and personal formation. Most of the priests in the archdiocese attended the ordination; some making great sacrifices to travel from very far flung locations, and then returning to their parishes for their Sunday cele…

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Jubilee Celebrations at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Vancouver

posted on Aug 16, 11:45 am by Kathy McMerty

By Bertilla Watanabe

The sun came out to join the festivities on our Jubilee Day, June 26, as priests, altar servers, choirs, flower girls, Knights of Columbus and members of the congregation gathered outside to witness the blessing of the newly built grotto for Mother Mary at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Vancouver.

Following the blessing, led by altar servers and the Honour Guard of the Knights of Columbus, th…

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Magnificat anima mea - New Choral Piece Commissioned by Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists in Honour of Our Mother of Perpetual Help

posted on Aug 16, 09:42 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

Saint Alphonsus was an accomplished musician in his own right and recognized that music could be a powerful tool for evangelization. So it’s no surprise that today many of our Redemptorist confreres and lay associates are gifted musicians. Jeannie Pernal is one such person. As the founder and director of the Grande Prairie Boys’ Choir, faith and music have always gone hand-in-hand – her mus…

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Fr. Joseph Manh Thuong Nguyen’s Ordination

posted on Aug 15, 02:10 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

For those of us who consider ourselves sons and daughters, or dear friends of St. Alphonsus in Canada, we have had much to be happy about this spring and summer! As some of you may know, Joseph Manh Thuong Nguyen, was ordained a priest in St. Anne de Beaupré, on Sunday the 24th of April. Originally a member of the Vietnamese Province, Joseph decided to learn French, finish his studies…

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Novices Feel Proud to Receive the Habit

posted on Aug 15, 10:42 am by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Ronnie Bonneau, C.Ss.R., Assistant Novice Director

Friday, the 20th of May, was a very important date here in Toronto at the North American Novitiate of the Redemptorists, not only because it was our monthly retreat day, but mostly because it was the day on which our novices were officially invested with the Redemptorist habit. The habits, whose confection was overseen at the Redemptoristine monastery in Beacon,…

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St Mary’s OLPH Mission

posted on Aug 12, 09:36 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Ciro Perez, C.Ss.R.

The Redemptorist Community and Redemptorist Associates of Saskatoon hosted a Mission at St Mary’s Parish to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help being entrusted to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). The mission was led by Bishop Bryan Bayda C.Ss.R. (pictured below).

During the three-day Parish Mission, which was held from May 2…

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St. Patrick's Procession of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help through the Streets of Downtown Toronto

posted on May 16, 11:51 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

The Year of Jubilee for the 150th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help to public veneration continues to be a year of celebration and inspiration for the faithful to express their confidence in Mary as she continues to lead us to Christ, her Son and be for us an intercessor in our times of need and our model of Christian discipleship.

On April 26, 1…

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Vocations - Surprises in Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk and Paulatuk at Easter

posted on May 5, 10:34 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Surprise! Surprise! God is a Surprise! … part of a song written by Carey Landry, this was certainly the theme of my Easter. What an adventure!!

I arrived in Yellowknife, NWT on Tuesday before Holy Week. I met a very courageous young man from Vietnam who came to Canada with the inspiration to become a missionary priest. Peter Van Dai Nguyen has now learned enough English to begin st…

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Vocations - Lift Jesus Higher Rally, Gethesame Ministries & an Oshawa High School

posted on Apr 7, 11:54 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Thanks to Kevin McGraw and Brian Vaccaro, two of our novices! The first Saturday of March, they helped invite Catholic youth get to know St. Alphonsus and our Congregation. As you may know the Lift Jesus Higher Rally at the Toronto Convention Centre is one of the largest gatherings of Catholics in Canada. You see also in this picture a Sister who came out to promote her Congregation,…

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Town Votes Down Bar Opening On Sunday and More Tales from the North

posted on Apr 5, 04:47 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

February was filled with a number of important community and parish events which I would like to share with you in this update letter.

At the beginning of the month the town council of Inuvik called upon the help of its residents to provide feedback regarding a proposed amendment to a community by-law. The owner of the Mad Trapper Inn was seeking to overturn the rule prohibiting businesses,…

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Know My Son as I Do – February Pilgrimage at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Grande Prairie

posted on Mar 2, 04:47 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Carmen Moore, Parishioner

On February 7, our parish decided to encourage people to come out of the cold and into the warmth for a local pilgrimage to celebrate and reflect upon the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The theme of the evening was “Know My Son as I Do”. It was a wonderful success with the Holy Spirit working in the hearts and minds of the participants and volunteers.

Initially, our ‘pilgrims’ ent…

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Christmas in the Far North

posted on Feb 19, 03:37 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

Today I saw a glimpse of the sun for the first time since the beginning of December. While winter is far from over this little glow brings hope that longer days and the warmth of spring will come again. With the arrival of December we said goodbye to the sun and welcomed the season of Advent and the beginning of preparations for Christmas.

The little town of Inuvik began a community choir…

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Christmas "North of 60"

posted on Feb 19, 02:46 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Tom O’Rourke, C.Ss.R.

When Fr. Jon Hansen asked if I would be interested and willing to come to Inuvik over Christmas to offer pastoral assistance there and say Mass in one of the smaller communities he serves, I gave it some thought, and then eventually agreed, not knowing what to expect except that it would be an adventure for sure. As the departure date drew near, I looked forward to the journey, but would…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Rise Up Conference & Vancouver

posted on Feb 19, 11:13 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

The Redemptorists help sponsor the largest gathering of Catholic university and college students in Canada. All provinces and most campuses across the country were represented at this year’s conference held in Montréal between December 28th, 2015 and January 1st, 2016. This year we put into the hands of every participant, the icon of Our Mother of Our Perpetual Help along with contact…

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Holy Door at St. Patrick’s for Year of Mercy

posted on Jan 20, 09:54 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

With the Year of Mercy well underway, 8 churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto have been asked to serve as pilgrimage sites by establishing a Holy Door for this year.  St. Patrick’s Shrine Church was approached by Cardinal Collins in October.  After discussing the proposal with a number of parishioners who are carpenters, work began to design and establish our Holy Door which was opened o…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Winnipeg & Toronto

posted on Jan 19, 02:19 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I would like to introduce you to Fr. Taras Kchik C.Ss.R.. Fr. Taras was born near Lviv in the Ukraine, but from the age of 4 years old he was raised in Toronto, Ontario. Soon after he graduated from high school, he went on a journey of discovery to the Ukraine. There he met for the first time, the Redemptorists. Enamoured with the vision of St. Alphonsus and inspired by the lives of…

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Graham Hill’s Diaconate Ordination

posted on Dec 18, 04:25 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

On the 9th of November, Archbishop Gerry Pettipas ordained Graham Hill as a transitional deacon.

Grande Prairie parishioners continue to be blessed with a charism for great music in their liturgies! They shared that charism and their hard work with Graham and all who attended. We were treated to a wonderful time of prayer as our hearts were lifted up by the music and the liturgy of o…

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Fr. Joseph Desmond Scanlan, C.Ss.R. (1932-2015)

posted on Dec 18, 03:16 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

Fr. Des was born in Montreal on June 8, 1932, the first of five children, to Michael and Margaret (Scullion) Scanlan and baptized at St. Gabriel’s Parish. There were four subsequent children: Ellen, Margaret (who became a Holy Cross Sister), Johanna, and Larry; Des remained close to his siblings and their families all his life.

His elementary schooling was with the Irish Presentation Brot…

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Life & Thanksgiving in the Far North

posted on Dec 18, 02:51 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

We received our first snowfall at the end of September and it never left. Presently there is about a 6 inch accumulation of nice fluffy powder on the ground. The days have been a mixture of sunshine and grey sky. When the sun is out it usually means a colder day but so far the temperatures have not been extreme. I think our coldest day so far has only been about -15 degrees. I expect…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Toronto, McLennan, Grouard & Edmonton

posted on Dec 17, 04:44 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

On October the 4th, St. Edward’s parish and the Serra club, invited the Toronto and Area Vocation Directors to set up displays for various religious orders in their parish hall. One religious priest, brother, and sister in turn, was invited to speak at each of the Sunday Masses. Refreshments were made available after Mass so parishioners could come and speak personally with each of the…

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Graham Hill Professes Perpetual Vows

posted on Nov 27, 04:02 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, Fr. Mark Miller, Provincial Superior of the Edmonton – Toronto Province received the vows of Brother Graham Hill. Fr. Peter Chin and Fr. Bill Comerford were the witnesses. Fr. Tom O’Rourke who has been formation director for Graham presented him for these final vows.

Graham was very appreciative that friends of his in the Toronto area were able to wit…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Eastern Canadian Chinese Catholic Living Camp, First Vows and Ordination

posted on Nov 24, 10:48 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“… my heart’s one desire is to be holy, set apart for you Lord. I choose to be Holy….ready to do your will.” These words come from a song, “Refiner’s Fire” by Brian Doerksen. I am meeting so many Catholic youth across the country who radiate these words through their actions.

For example, in an unbroken string of almost 40 years, another 加東 (Ga Tung) camp was hosted by a group of you…

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Vigil's Silence Was Golden

posted on Oct 15, 04:45 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

For those of us who attended St Mary’s College in Brockville, you will remember well the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. It was Sr. Mary Alberta Gallagher, the Pharmacist at the local hospital who looked after us better than most. Well she later retired with her sister Muriel, also a member, at the Motherhouse in Kingston. They could be seen sitting together eating lunch ne…

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The Redemptorists in the Land of the Midnight Sun

posted on Sep 4, 10:34 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

Greetings to you from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, home of the newest mission of the Redemptorists in Canada and the most northerly mission of the Redemptorists in the world. The Land of the midnight sun, gateway to the Beaufort Delta and western Canadian Arctic, this mission territory was pioneered and nurtured by the priests and brothers of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, the Sisters of…

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Introducing the Novices for 2015-2016

posted on Sep 3, 04:14 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

On August 1st, the Feast of St. Alphonsus, Fr. Ronnie, the assistant novice master and I, Raymond Douziech, the novice master, formally welcomed eight new novices to the novitiate. As in the past this group of novices represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We have four novices from the United States, two from Ireland and two from England.

Michael Taylor is the senior of the gr…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - One Rock

posted on Sep 3, 03:29 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In last month’s newsletter we started off by saying…Catholics love summer festivals, pilgrimages, and camps! These are great opportunities to promote our Redemptorist community! Please watch for and plan to attend one next summer as part of your pastoral planning.

Graham Hill noticed that a youth festival named “One Rock” has been organized in Alberta for a number of years now. He went…

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Gift Box and Human Trafficking in Canada

posted on Sep 3, 02:26 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.
Photos courtesy of the Archives

As you are aware I sent out a notice originating primarily with the religious based here in Toronto that a GIFT BOX would be erected at the corner of Church and King St. in Toronto during the Pan and Parapan Am Games. The Pan Am games ran from July 10-26 and the Parapan Am Games run from Aug 7-15. Faith groups are using the occasion of the games to educate the…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Martyrs’ Shrine (Midland)

posted on Sep 3, 12:13 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Catholics love summer festivals, pilgrimages, and camps! Please watch for these events in your area. They are great opportunities for us to promote the Redemptorist and Redemptoristine way of life. On May 13th, I was astounded to see the whole hill at the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine near Midland, Ontario covered with booths, cars, vans, picnic tables – and hundreds – dare we say a thous…

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Cold-Cast Bronze Emblem

posted on Sep 1, 04:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

I’ve always liked the look of bronze but I know that traditional casting can be elaborate, require special skills and without a proper foundry the task is near impossible. However, because of the development of plastics and polymers, a reproduction with the look of bronze can be achieved easily and at a low cost. This technique is called “cold-casting,” because it doesn’t require the use of mo…

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Sister Pearl Mutter, O.Ss.R.'s Diamond Jubilee

posted on Jul 2, 02:40 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Tony Moreno

On May 19th, Redemptoristine Sister Pearl Mutter, OSsR, celebrated her Diamond Jubilee here in Toronto. She lives in community with other Redemptoristines at St. Bernard’s Convent, owned and operated by the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood.

In attendance were Redemptoristine Sisters Moira Quinn, Maria Paz Suarez, Hildegard Pleva, Margaret Reid, Anne-Marie, and Maria Celeste, and Mary Cecilia.…

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Celebrating the Icon of Love - Novena Triduum of Our Mother of Perpetual Help - St. Patrick's Church, Toronto

posted on Jun 30, 02:36 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

A time of celebration! A time of prayer and thanksgiving! A time for Jubilee! From June 23 – 25, 2015, St. Patrick’s Shrine Church to Our Mother of Perpetual Help welcomed pilgrims from across the Greater Toronto Area to the annual celebration of the Novena Triduum. Each evening, over one thousand pilgrims gathered at the church and in the adjacent hall where the celebration was broadc…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - St John’s, New Jersey and Toronto

posted on Jun 3, 10:52 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“Hail, Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star,
Guide of the wanderer here below,
Thrown on life’s surge, we claim thy care,
Save us from peril and from woe.”

Years ago, these words were sung by many a Catholic fishing family as their men headed out on the boats from small coves all over Newfoundland. In May, much was happening in vocation ministry along the Atlantic coast.

Here we see a Vocation Disc…

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Investiture 2015

posted on Jun 2, 03:08 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

On Friday May 15th the Novitiate Community in Toronto had a simple clothing ceremony for our seven novices. This ceremony came after 10 months of novitiate and followed a week of evaluations with each of the novices. All seven novices received positive evaluations and recommendations to take vows. These were sent to their respective provincial superiors and their councils. Each novice…

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A Mission In Marystown

posted on Jun 2, 02:28 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R. and Anne Walsh

From May 4-6, 2015, the town of Marystown and Burin on the Burin Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland, was the setting for a parish mission facilitated by Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R. and Anne Walsh, a Lay Missionary of the Most Holy Redeemer. We decided to entitle the mission: Our Mother of Perpetual Help – How do I click with this Icon?! The technological allusion was…

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Congress for Formators in Consecrated Life

posted on May 5, 03:47 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

At the entrance to Paul VI auditorium there is a bronze sculpture of the risen Christ. Christ is standing with arms outstretched. The cocoon that has encased him is broken in half with one part forming an upright backdrop and the other lying on the ground, empty. The remarkable element of the sculpture is that the outstretched arms of Jesus are missing forearms and hands.

This striking pi…

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A "Dim Sum" Kind of Triduum

posted on May 5, 03:05 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

St. Alphonsus inspired by the Spirit one day wrote to his confreres in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer…“Do not doubt that the Congregation will continue until the Day of Judgement…after my death it will spread its wings and develop especially toward the north countries.” (St. Alphonsus Liguori by Théodule Rey-Mermet, p. 680) We know that his prophetic vision has been fulfil…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary

posted on May 1, 11:32 am by Kathy McMerty

Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Thank-you to all the Redemptorists at St. Patrick monastery in Toronto, who hosted a Come and Pray weekend at the end of February. Fr. Joseph Horo, shared a slide presentation on the history of religious life and some information about the charism of the Redemptorists with those who attended. He also helped to lead other reflections
including a Holy Hour on Saturday evening. Thank-you…

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Throwback Thursday - Fr Francis Cunerty, Jr.

posted on May 1, 11:19 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

Born on Christmas Eve 1923 in Toronto, Frank spent his early years in Brooklyn, NY. until the family moved back to Toronto. A good student, he studied at St. Vincent de Paul separate school and St. Michael’s College School. Following in the footsteps of Fr. Francis Patrick Cunerty, his uncle and namesake, Frank entered Novitiate under Fr. Thomas Patrick Murphy, where he professed first vows o…

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The Year for Consecrated Life - Saskatoon, Grande Prairie & Toronto

posted on Apr 2, 11:03 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I borrow here from the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Phillipians…
“I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you, because of your partnership (in promoting our mission of bringing the Good News of Redemption to the world). I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it…

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Coin Rings - My Latest Obsession!

posted on Apr 2, 10:21 am by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

Coin rings have been around for centuries. Long ago, coins were often the only precious metal available to ordinary people to create jewellery. Coins were often turned into earrings, pendants, bracelets, and yes, even rings. Unfortunately, modern coins tend to be made of alloys or metal sandwiches which can be hard to work, so the ideal source material for these rings are silver coins. And b…

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Fr. J. Alan MacGregor, C.Ss.R. (1925—2015)…

posted on Mar 6, 01:58 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.
(Adapted from the excellent biography in our Archives)

Fr. Alan MacGregor was born in Edmonton in 1925. He was baptized at St. Francis Parish but his family attended St. Alphonsus Parish until the newly created St. Clare’s Parish was erected in the 1950s. He received his education at several locations: Camrose Normal School, Immaculate Conception Elementary, Ithaca NY, Foremost Elementary…

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Fr. Edward Kennedy, C.Ss.R. (1925—2015)…

posted on Mar 6, 01:28 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

I found this quote from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak that seemed appropriate as I reflected on the life and death of Fr. Edward Kennedy. Death speaks: “His soul sat up. It met me. Those kinds of souls always do – the best ones. The ones who rise up and say “I know who you are and I am ready. Not that I want to go, of course, but I will come.” Those souls are always light because m…

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Throw Back Thursday - Fr Neil Adrian Corbett

posted on Feb 10, 04:01 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

Corbett, Neil Adrian Born 23 April 1911 of James Patrick Corbett and Christina Chisholm in Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia. Professed 2 August 1936, ordained 22 June 1941, died 27 June 1984.

Growing up in the small community of Havre Boucher in northern Nova Scotia, Neil was educated by the Sisters of Charity and served Mass at the local church. At the age of 11, he lived in the rectory and performe…

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The Year for Consecrated Life

posted on Feb 9, 10:56 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

A special “shout out” to all the Redemptorists and Partners in Mission who have been getting the word out about the Redemptorists. You have seen many pictures of activities in 2014 where people have heard about our Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. Interestingly, I travelled to Ottawa during the first week of December. There, I had four interviews with people who were interest…

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Closing of the Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation

posted on Dec 2, 08:50 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

As you know the 9th of November marked the end of the year for the promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation. We were fortunate to have Fr. Michael Brehl with us in Toronto to mark this event.

He met with a few men who are enquiring about the Redemptorists and a few of the novices. Fr. Brehl spoke about the inspiration he draws from St. Alphonsus and about some of his experien…

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St. Alphonsus Parish, East Kildonan, Winnipeg, Manitoba - 100th Anniversary Celebrations

posted on Nov 17, 03:30 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

In 1914, Archbishop Langevin of St. Boniface contacted Fr. Augustine Duke, C.Ss.R., the superior of St. Augustine’s Parish in Brandon and asked if the Redemptorists would consider founding a new parish in East Kildonan. A check with the Superior General, who encouraged the venture, brought Fr. Duke to Winnipeg as the first pastor, where the first Mass was celebrated in the Redemptorist hous…

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Two Weeks Walking the Camino in Northern Spain - Sept 15-27, 2014

posted on Nov 17, 03:23 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.


My brother, Steve, his good friends, Will & Diane Boegel, and I began our pilgrimage in Pamplona, a lovely city renowned for the running of the bulls. We walked 300 kms of the Camino de Santiago de Compostells in two segments. The first was from Pamplona to Santo Domingo de Calzada in 6 days (185 kms), after which we took a two-night/one-day break in Santo Domingo. We then caugh…

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Commissioning of Debbie Ledoux

posted on Nov 17, 03:07 pm by Kathy McMerty

Previously published in The Prairie Messenger (reprinted with permission)

By Kiply Lukan Yaworski
(Communications, Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon)

SASKATOON, Sept. 14, 2014 – Debbie Ledoux (pictured at right) was recently blessed and installed as the new Parish Life Director (PLD) for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Saskatoon.

Vicar General Rev. Kevin McGee commissioned Ledoux Sept. 14 on behalf of Bishop Donald…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation — Ste Anne-de-Beaupre, Redeemer House and Eastern Catholic Chinese Camp

posted on Oct 1, 02:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In earlier posts, I was sharing with you the work of the Redemptorists at Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré. I share here with you something I learned through this work. Messages about the death of the Catholic religion or the death of interest in priesthood and religious life especially in the francophone culture are false messages. Please meet in the picture at the right, Nicolas, Bruno, Michaël, an…

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Visiting the Past

posted on Oct 1, 02:29 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Ted Purcell

A few months ago I asked Father Murphy if he would like to take a trip outside the Youville Home. He replied that he would like to go to Holy Cross cemetery to visit the Redemptorist gravesite. One weekend in late August, I arranged a trip to the cemetery and invited Father Ed Kennedy to join us as well. Fathers Kennedy and Murphy sat by the statue in the picture at the left and reminisced about pas…

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Throwback Thursday...Remembering Fr. Joseph Boyle

posted on Oct 1, 02:08 pm by Kathy McMerty

Editor’s note: Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly social media posting theme that users participate in as part of a very general “throwback” activity for posting content. In this case, the “throwback” theme can pertain to basically anything that happened in the past. MC is currently updating our Dictionary of Biographies so from time to time we will bring you a Throwback Thursday piece on one of our confre…

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Out of Africa

posted on Sep 16, 09:33 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

There’s an old saying, once you get the dust of Africa on your feet you will always return. I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, but it was for me. Having left Africa 25 years ago, I returned to the “dark continent” in July as part of an outreach project originating in St. Joseph’s parish in Grande Prairie.

The idea for the mission germinated in the heart of St. Joe’s parishioner Bernadet…

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Grand Celebration for Fr. Bill Fitzgerald in Saint John

posted on Sep 15, 01:52 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

On Sunday August 24, Fr. William Fitzgerald looked from the altar to see St. Peter’s Church filled to capacity with family and friends for a Mass in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his ordination.

“It was a family Mass. The young cousins were the altar servers, singers, musicians and in the procession,” said Peggy Fitzgerald, wife of Joe Fitzgerald, twin brother of Fr. Fitzgerald.

“It wa…

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Dialogue 2014—July 28 to August 1—Notre Dame Retreat House—Canandaigua, New York

posted on Sep 15, 01:38 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R
Since I cheated a bit and sent around the Denverlink with their report on Dialogue 2014, I just wanted to add a couple of pictures about the Edmonton-Toronto contingent.  You see in the picture at the left the three young adults who joined me for the “journey”. Janille Durity Wingson from OLPH parish in Vancouver; Devan Jaeger from St. Joseph’s parish in Grande Prairie; and Michael Fagan…

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Novitiate Class 2014-2015

posted on Sep 15, 01:17 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

Novitiate for 2014-2015 officially began on July 31. Father Ray, the new novice director, and Fr Ronnie, the new assistant director, were pleased to welcome the first wave of novices (see picture below). Romero Radix, (Grenada, the Caribbean Region), after a year delay because of immigration, was welcomed along with four American candidates (Richie Hennessy, Guy Mier, Tony Moreno and Ke…

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Indian Island, Maine and Ste Anne de Beaupre

posted on Sep 15, 10:22 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Wow, I am discovering some amazing things and wanted to share them with you! This summer I stopped to visit some friends of mine on Indian Island, Maine. In the picture at the right I introduce you to Sister Sue Lachapelle and Sister Judy Oliver. They belong to a religious community called the Sisters of Mercy. Frances Warde helped establish the Sisters of Mercy in the United State…

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The Life of Joan P.M. Green—A Garden Enclosed

posted on Aug 8, 02:51 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. William Comerford, C.Ss.R.

I am happy to announce that “The Life of Joan P.M. Green – A Garden Enclosed” can now be purchased on line. Joan Green, Redemptorist Oblate, mystic, spiritual guide and counsellor to many, died April 16, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the age of 64.

This book written by Mary Klein with the Introduction by Rev. Michael Brehl, and the Preface written by myself, spiritual director…

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What's It Like To Be a Member of the Leisure Class?

posted on Aug 8, 02:44 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Albert Sterzer, C.Ss.R.

Two years ago I asked Fr. Provincial if I could retire when I turned 75. Fr. Mark obligingly agreed. You know, of course, that someone who retires becomes a member of the ‘Leisure Class’. What most people don’t know, however, is what it means to be a member of the ‘Leisure Class’. Many years ago when I was studying sociology, I read Thorstein Veblen’s book entitled, Theory of the Le…

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Newfoundland Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Quebec

posted on Aug 7, 12:06 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Anne Walsh

From June 12 to June 19, 2014, with my “Boss”, Archbishop Martin Currie and Fr. Jeff Kolonel, a priest of our Archdiocese, I journeyed with a group of 42 pilgrims to honour the 350th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Quebec. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

At home, we engaged in some catechesis in preparation for the pilgrimage. We prayed together, shared practical, logistical information, and pr…

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Novena Triduum in Honour of the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual

posted on Aug 7, 11:43 am by Kathy McMerty

By: Margie Janson, NL Redemptorist Associate

At the Partnership in Mission Commission Meeting in January this year, Commission members discussed the possibility of Associate Circles doing a common apostolic project across the country. The suggestion was put forward for some form of Novena in Honour of the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. St. Teresa’s opted for a Novena Triduum at noon each day followed by a br…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation—Toronto, Grande Prairie and Edmonton

posted on Aug 7, 11:26 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

“The Spirit is a-movin” in the larger centres. Confreres at St. Patrick’s monastery in Toronto hosted a Come and See Retreat on the 7th & 8th of June.

Again, what generosity! The SERVE program was ending; there was a big Sunday BBQ in the courtyard for all the families involved with First Communion and Confirmation from St. Patrick’s parish; Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish is in the mid…

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Fr. Karl Hoeppe, C.Ss.R. (1930—2014)…

posted on Jul 9, 10:11 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

On the bright sunny morning of Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s church was filled with German hymns and hundreds in the congregation to bid farewell to Rev. Karl Hoeppe, who had served in the German parish for 50 years.

Provincial Superior Mark Miller along with Fr. Thomas O’Rourke and Maria Luxbacker, long-time secretary of the German parish, were at Fr. Hoeppe’s bedside when he died on June 11th…

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S.E.R.V.E. 2014

posted on Jul 9, 09:25 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Tom O’Rourke, C.Ss.R.

Twenty-seven years have passed since the first S.E.R.V.E. (Summer Endeavour in a Redemptorist Volunteer Experience), which took place in 1988 at the former Gerard House in Toronto. The first “servites” (who ranged in ages from 18 to 30) are now between the ages of 45 and 57. Since it began, nearly 250 young adults have participated in the programme hosted by the Edmonton-Toronto Provinc…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation—Toronto, St John’s and Saskatoon

posted on Jul 8, 10:20 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

On Pentecost Sunday, I was tremendously blessed to celebrate my 30th anniversary of priesthood at St. Patrick Church in Toronto. We had a whole range of Redemptorists and people interested in Redemptorist life, gathered at the noon Mass that Sunday…young and old, our novice directors and novices, and 5 men who had gathered for a Come and See weekend.

As you know, St. Alphonsus wrote a…

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Novices to Take First Vows in August

posted on Jul 4, 03:48 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Alfredo Rodrigues Lopez

“I am writing you this not to shame you, but to admonish you as my beloved children. Even if you should have countless guides to Christ, yet you do not have many fathers, for I became your father in Christ Jesus through the Gospel. Therefore, I urge you, be imitators of me.” (1 Corinthians 4: 14-16).

After a year of meditation, prayer and retreats, the novices of the North American and Fren…

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First International Congress on Devotion to Mother of Perpetual Help

posted on Jun 13, 01:53 pm by Kathy McMerty

One hundred Redemptorists and Lay Associates gathered recently in Campo Grande, Brazil to attend the First International Congress on Devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The Congress opened with greetings from Archbishop Dom Dimas (Archbishop of Campo Grande), from Fr. Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R. (Superior General) and Fr. Parron, C.Ss.R. (Redemptorist Provincial in Campo Grande).

Our 4 day congress followed a simp…

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Thoughts from the Novices

posted on Jun 13, 12:18 pm by Kathy McMerty

Novice Investiture — May 16, 2014 — by Michael Cunningham

The interprovincial novitiate community located in Toronto gathered together this day in the Novitiate house chapel with solidarity of purpose. The assembled men took one step closer to becoming full fledged members of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, by receiving the Redemptorist habit. In a ceremony known as Investiture, the aforementioned men t…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation -Vancouver Vocation Fair

posted on Jun 13, 11:29 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

A great big thank-you to all who participated in our promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Charism on the occasion of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Thank you to Redemptorist confreres, associates, and parishioners across the country who put up displays, gave testimony to the graces we experience as Redemptorists, and who invited people to consider becoming a Redemptorist Mi…

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Graduation Photo Sparks Life Stories of Cape Breton Classmates

posted on Jun 5, 03:15 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

The death of acclaimed Canadian writer Alistair MacLeod in April led to an Archives photograph of him with Fr. Donald MacLellan at their university graduation in 1960.

Peggy Kennedy, Fr. MacLellan’s sister, recalled that the photo was taken to commemorate the great day for the two scholars from the farms of Dunvegan, Inverness County.

Both were descended from the Scottish immigrants, who had sett…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation—Holy Week in Toronto

posted on May 29, 04:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I have heard the complaint that when young adults go off to study at university they “lose their faith.” University training does teach us to ask questions, and test out what has been handed on to us. However, I am so excited to show off examples of how our education can enhance our service of Jesus and the Church.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon (the Sunday before Holy Week), in Toronto…

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A Few Firsts

posted on May 22, 04:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Gary Lauenstein, C.Ss.R.

Fr. Red’s Mission

Fr. Red O’Reilly was preaching a Mission at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Oshawa, ON, on Monday evening, March 31st. In the congregation were the eight Redemptorist novices, their two novice directors and Br. Raymond Pierce. Red said it was the first time anyone in Redemptorist formation had attended any of his Missions. It was also the first time that some of th…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation - Part V

posted on Apr 2, 10:59 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I know that many of you have been praying for our vocation ministry of the Redemptorists. Thank-you kindly. In the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 66 we rejoice, “Truly God has listened; God has given heed to the words of our prayers. Blessed be God, because he has not rejected our prayer.”

I am encouraged by many opportunities for us to participate with other religious orders and dioc…

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Fr. Jack Spicer, C.Ss.R. (1919—2014)…

posted on Mar 12, 09:26 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5th, the Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated for Fr. Jack Spicer by Archbishop Richard Smith, accompanied by Archbishops Joseph MacNeil and Gerry Pettipas, C.Ss.R., over twenty priests, and a congregation of relatives and friends. The homily by Fr. Ed Kennedy was a wonderful eulogy for a gentle, creative, pastoral, and dedicated priest. I will try to capture some o…

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Retreat by Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R. with ET Province Associate Circles, 2013

posted on Mar 11, 04:44 pm by Kathy McMerty

By: Margie Janson, NL Redemptorist Associate

Luke 19:40 springs quickly to mind as I reflect on our Retreat with Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.:
     “I tell you, if these (the disciples) were silent, the stones would shout out.”

One could say that it is easy to imagine that many people have probably said this of Fr. Paul and those with whom he has worked over the years, that something compels them, and us, to speak out and to…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation - Part IV

posted on Mar 11, 04:40 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I am deeply grateful for all the activities that have already taken place and those that are coming in the months to follow. Below are some more stories about events that have already taken place.

I am grateful that high school religion teachers are making invitations for us to promote the Redemptorists in their classes.

Here is a video presentation about Redemptorists professing vows w…

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Embracing a Canadian Winter

posted on Mar 11, 03:14 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

The familiar scrape of blades on an outdoor ice rink and bracing fresh air have become a regular afternoon routine for some members of the Interprovincial Novitiate.

“I am embracing a Canadian winter,” noted Huy Vu of Houston, who decided to learn to skate in December when the nearby municipal Ledbury rink opened for a three-month skating season.

Huy is joined by veteran skaters Chung Tran of Se…

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Another Great Blessing from the Christmas Season….

posted on Feb 7, 12:01 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

Now that the wonders of the Christmas Season are over, I just want to take a few moments and share a few awesome experiences that came my way over the last few days of 2013 and into 2014. Over these days I was blessed to visit more of Saskatchewan than I could have ever imagined. The season of Advent and the first few days of celebration around the Nativity, took me to a beautiful regi…

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The Early Academic Excellence of Father Alan MacGregor Revealed

posted on Feb 7, 11:58 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

A prestigious and precious Governor-General’s medal for academic excellence was delivered last month to the archives by Provincial Superior Mark Miller.

In 1939, the medal was awarded to Alan MacGregor for achieving highest marks in the Alberta Grade IX High School Entrance Examinations. In June each year, students in that province wrote examinations in language, social studies, literature, sci…

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Novices Complete 6 Months of Novitiate

posted on Feb 7, 11:56 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Gary Lauenstein, C.Ss.R
The novices have completed their first six months of Novitiate, as of Jan. 25, 2014. And they are all still here.

Pictured at left from L-R: Sydney Beckers, Michael Cunningham, Huy Vu, Garvey Blanc, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ako Walker, Alfredo Medina, Chung Tran.

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation - Part III

posted on Feb 7, 11:26 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

This first Sunday in February, we celebrate a World Day of Consecrated Life. In our last edition of Community Connections, I told you how truly grateful I am for all you are doing to promote our Redemptorist Missionary Charism. I am still filled up with thanks to God as expressed by the writer of Psalm 118…. ‘Give thanks to the Lord, for the Lord is good, for God’s steadfast love endure…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation—Part II

posted on Jan 16, 11:14 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

I am deeply grateful for all the activities that have already taken place and those that are coming in the months to follow. Below are some more stories about events that have already taken place.

Invitations to Young People

On the Labour Day weekend almost 200 Catholic young adults from Ontario and Québec met at a camp north of Toronto.

Fr. Peter Chin attended the retreat with his yout…

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Brother Edgar Hoffman (1928 - 2013)

posted on Dec 20, 10:38 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. James Mason, C.Ss.R.

The life of the much beloved Brother Edgar Hoffman was remembered and celebrated by a large community of fellow Redemptorists, family and friends gathered at the Mass of Christian burial in St. Patrick’s church.

Brother Edgar died suddenly of a heart attack while crossing a downtown Toronto street on October 11.

At the October 17 Mass, presided over by Provincial Superior Mark Miller, Arc…

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Seventeen Days in the Philippines

posted on Dec 20, 10:27 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Louch, C.Ss.R.

While I was driving from Vancouver to Tucson in the last week of August to take up my new ministry as Associate Director at the Desert House of Prayer, I received an e-mail from Fr. Mike Brehl, Superior General, asking me if I would be able and willing to accompany Bro. Jeffrey Rolle, Consultor General, on the Roman Visitation of the two units in the Philippines. After discussion with Fr.…

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Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation

posted on Dec 6, 04:40 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

It is hard to believe that a new liturgical year is upon us…and harder to believe that we are now five months into a Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Charism. In order to help with this promotion, there are seven videos for your use that are posted on RedemptoristTV on Youtube.

     Fr. Michael Brehl, wrote to us,
     Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Mis…

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Meehan Family Attends History Conference

posted on Dec 6, 04:28 pm by Kathy McMerty

By M.C. Havey, Archivist

Five members of Fr. Matthew Meehan’s family made history themselves at the North American Redemptorist history conference in October when they attended a session devoted to their uncle’s Redemptorist life and media career.

In attending the October 1 afternoon session, they were the first family members to be present for papers about a Redemptorist relative in the seven conferences of the Instit…

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Redemptorists at Birch Bay

posted on Dec 6, 04:26 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Rich Luberti, C.Ss.R.

On November 6th, 2013 the Redemptorists from Seattle and Vancouver gathered at the cottage owned by the Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists.  The cottage is in Blaine, Washington which is about two hours north of Sacred Heart (Seattle) and about an hour south of OLPH (Vancouver).  It is located on a body of water that is fed by the Pacific Ocean.

We gathered to celebrate the 281st Anniversary of…

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Father James Farrell, C.Ss.R. (1916 - 2013)

posted on Oct 30, 04:01 pm by Kathy McMerty

Joyous hymns and tributes wafted throughout St. Patrick’s church during the Mass of Resurrection for Rev. James Farrell, the oldest and longest serving confrere in the Edmonton-Toronto Province.

In his homily, Provincial Superior Mark Miller read Superior General Michael Brehl’s tribute. “Jim was a great man. One of the most non-judgmental and kind people, a great preacher, beautiful voice to sing, welcoming and ho…

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Redemptorist History and Spirituality Course - Part II

posted on Sep 11, 04:10 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, Fr. Ciro Perez, Fr. Bill Comerford and Fr. Anthony Nguyen Van Dung
We are now at the end of our course on Redemptorist History and Spirituality. We decided to each take a turn at providing a contribution to this article for Community Connections.
From Fr. David Purcell:

Certainly Celeste, Alphonsus, Gennaro and Gerard and other early Redemptorists were interested in fashioning their indi…

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The Redemptorist Novices for 2013

posted on Sep 11, 03:43 pm by Kathy McMerty

A new novice class, under the tutelage and guidance of Novice Directors, Fr. Gary Lauenstein C.Ss.R., and Fr. Ray Douziech C.Ss.R. arrived in Toronto this past July. This current class of novices is as diverse as the people they will one day be serving in ministry.

Pictured above are (from right to left) Alfredo Rodriguez (Mexico); Alfredo Medina (Mexico); Ako Walker (Trinidad); Sydne…

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Young Neighbours in Action

posted on Sep 11, 02:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Susannah Johnson

From July 14 to July 20, 2013, St. Patrick’s hosted the second Young Neighbours in Action (YNIA) program in Toronto. The first time was over ten years ago. Fr. Santo bravely agreed to host over 50 young people and their chaperones in the halls of St. Patrick – and this while the renovations were transpiring next door! Fr. Santo’s energy never ceases to amaze me…

So for that week he was their coo…

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OCCUPY TORONTO! That is...The Redemptorist Residence at St. Patrick's Church!

posted on Aug 8, 10:46 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

July 1st has come and gone, and though the work on the “Monastery” at St. Patrick’s continues, we await the completion of the building which is currently scheduled for mid-September.

Many milestones have been achieved which allow for the remaining work to be done in an orderly and timely fashion. In May, we celebrated 80% completion of the entire project, by throwing the entire construct…

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Redemptorist Spirituality Course in Rome

posted on Aug 7, 02:48 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Without much sleep on Friday night on the plane we arrived safely in Rome. Upon our arrival we found ourselves in the time zone of Saturday morning with the whole day ahead of us, but without sleep and therefore with little energy for the rest of the day.

This is the Church of St. Alphonsus in Rome. Here you see Fr. Bill Comerford from the Vancouver community; Fr. Ciro Perez from Sas…

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Joseph the Dreamer

posted on Aug 7, 02:39 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

I wrote the following poem for the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2013.

With dreams, one never can be sure
If earnest they may be,
yet oft is found the words of truth,
if one but look and see.

In ancient tales through mists of time
in Egypt, far away,
My namesake Joseph dreamt as well
and heard what God would say.

In similar ways, God’s voice I heard
In dreams of joy and pain.
And though the yea…

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The Way of St. James

posted on Jul 5, 01:06 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ray Douziech, C.Ss.R.

As many of you know I completed the Via Primativa (The Original Route) to Santiago de Compostela on May 7th. The Original way is 325 km of walking if you don’t get lost. Most of us can add a few extra kilometers since getting lost is part of the pilgrimage.

Many readers are probably familiar with the pilgrimage to the tomb of St James especially with the movie “The Way”. The Original…

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Vocations Across the Country - North American Student Gathering

posted on Jul 5, 11:21 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In May I was part of an event that impressed me deeply. I felt encouraged in my vocation as a Redemptorist. I was inspired by the stories of men….who have made great sacrifices to become Redemptorists….who have high hopes and ideals about what the Redemptorists can do in North America…who have fallen in love with the way of life in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

Each year a…

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Vocations Across the Country - Chapter & St. John's

posted on Jun 5, 02:56 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

Brother Paul Bernarcyzk CSC expressed his delight to me at being able to lead us in a reflection about the promotion of vocations to religious life. He was very grateful for the hospitality he experienced among us during our Chapter in April.

He introduced us to the “Mythbusters!” from the study of religious candidates in the United States who were in initial formation or in final vows be…

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My Second Easter in the North! - The Mackenzie/Fort Smith Diocese

posted on Jun 5, 02:38 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

St. Clement (our 2nd founder) dreamed of taking the Congregation across the Alps and one day as far as North America. He dreamed big dreams and lived bold ideas. Our lives invite us to do the same. Through our ministry and living our vocations as members of The Edmonton-Toronto Province in Canada, we are all called to help the Canadian portion of that dream come true. Since my first…

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Father David Cottingham, C.Ss.R. (1940 - 2013)

posted on May 13, 04:47 pm by Kathy McMerty

By. Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

David Cottingham was born in Moose Jaw, SK and raised in Caronport, on the open Prairie west of Moose Jaw. The Redemptorists served this area and often said Mass in his parents’ home. He attended St. Louis College under Redemptorist guidance until 1954 when he went to Brockville where he completed his high school in 1959. After four years at Holy Redeemer College in Windsor (where he g…

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The Spanish Redemptorist Martyrs

posted on May 13, 04:33 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

On October 27th, the six Redemptorist martyrs from the time of the Spanish civil war (1936-39) will be declared Blessed. The following is an article from the February edition of “Redemptoristen Kontakte,” the mission outreach newsletter from the St. Clement Province (Germany):

“From July 1936 until April 1939 civil war raged in Spain. During this time many priests and religious were impri…

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REDEMPTORIST TELEVISION – Catholic Education TV On Demand 24/

posted on Apr 12, 10:15 am by Kathy McMerty

The Perpetual Help TV Devotions has expanded its outreach. We have created and in an effort to reach a younger audience. Redemptorist Television is our way of offering to high school students and their teachers videos and lesson plans to supplement the excellent work done in our Catholic schools. We ask after you have read through the enclosed 2 page leaflet to pass it…

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100th Anniversary of St. Patrick’s Parish, London, Ontario

posted on Apr 12, 09:55 am by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

When Provincial Superior Mark Miller joined the celebrations on March 16-17 for the 100th anniversary of the founding of St. Patrick’s parish in London, ON, he was also honouring the first new foundation of the English-speaking Canadian Redemptorists.

As the first of the 55 CSsR foundations and houses across Canada during the last 100 years, London-St. Patrick’s was established on December 17, 1…

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World Day of Prayer for Vocations - April 21st

posted on Apr 12, 09:46 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

As you know, Archbishop Joseph Tobin gave the first of two keynote presentations at the biennial convocation of the National Religious Vocation Conference, held in Plano, TX November 1-5, 2012.

The scope of his presentation was vast……..Archbishop Tobin began:
“How do I hope to use the time that has been allotted to me? First I invite you to consider the gift of reconciliation in the rich…

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Brother Francis Richards, C.Ss.R. (1917 - 2013)

posted on Mar 4, 03:19 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

Brother Francis was born in Liverpool, England on March 23, 1917 (the youngest of five children) and baptized on the same day. He spent much of his early years in an orphanage — St. Vincent’s School in Preston. He worked on farms in England until 1947 when he emigrated to Canada. Here he worked at his brother’s farm, rented from the Redemptorists, near Peterborough. It was there that…

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Winter made it back to Toronto! Nothing stops construction in the “zone”!

posted on Mar 4, 03:14 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Seven months down….four more to go (more or less). It’s official, time is flying by in the construction zone at St. Patrick’s. Over the last couple of months, we have seen significant changes in the “zone”, despite the return of winter weather to Toronto. The last few years have been relatively snow-free for the city, especially downtown Toronto. But this has not slowed down construct…

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Redemptorists Spirituality Commission of the North American Conference

posted on Mar 4, 02:35 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Louch, C.Ss.R.

[This is a report on the first meeting of the newly constituted Redemptorist Spirituality Commission of the North American Conference. I originally wrote it as my weekly letter for the OLPH Parish bulletin in Vancouver. I have modified and expanded it for the more specifically Redemptorist readers of Community Connections.]

On Sunday afternoon, February 3 I headed to the Vancouver airport…

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Redemptorists Vocations Across the Country - St. Patrick’s Community, Newman Centre & St Phillip Neri

posted on Mar 4, 02:04 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In January, the St. Patrick’s community met to reflect on our work of promoting God’s call for people to join our Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. We recounted stories about what has helped foster vocations in the past. We also discussed some of our disappointments from the past. With the present configuration of the community most interactions with young adults come through ou…

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Christmas Travels in the North

posted on Feb 7, 03:54 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

What an awesome gift, from December 20 to January 3 (from the Thursday of the 3rd week of Advent until the Thursday following the Feast of Mary the Mother of God) I was blessed to offer pastoral ministry to a few missions in the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese. The following is my reflection on these days.

A week in Paulatuk, NT and then just under a week in Tuktoyaktuk, NT, two of the mos…

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Redemptorists Vocations Across the Country - Toronto & Catholic Christian Outreach Conference (Saskatoon)

posted on Feb 7, 02:53 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Pope Paul VI instituted this day while the Second Vatican Council was in session. Pope John Paul II extended this invitation to us for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations in 1993, “I turn to you who are already consecrated to the Lord and, in a special way, to you priests: you have already heard the call o…

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Sr. Mary Anne Joseph O’Grady, O.Ss.R. (1918-2013)

posted on Feb 7, 02:42 pm by Kathy McMerty

Sr. Mary Ann Joseph O’Grady age 94, a Sister at the Redemptoristine Monastery in Liguori near Barnhart, Missouri, passed away Monday, January 14, 2013 at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in South St. Louis Co., Missouri. She was born February 6, 1918 in County Kilkenny, Ireland, the youngest child of the late Ellen (nee Dollard) and John O’Grady.

In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by her 8 brothers and…

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Redemptorists at the Second Vatican Council

posted on Feb 7, 02:31 pm by Kathy McMerty

(From an article in the Klemensblätter, the newsletter of the Austrian province, Nov/Dec 2012, No. 78 by Fr. Martin Leitgöb, C.Ss.R. of the Vienna/Prague province; translated by M. Miller. This is part of a series commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II in 1962.)

“In total there were 22 Redemptorist bishops at the Second Vatican Council. Most of these (10) came from Latin America, although man…

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Even in a Construction Zone!

posted on Jan 3, 10:38 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Christ is born! The snow is flying! It’s a brand new year! The Christmas Holidays have seen a break from the busyness of demolition, installation of plumbing and electrical and the laying of concrete for both the new handicap entrance in the front of the building and the garage floor. We are happy to say that progress is being made!

Even with the snow finally flying in Toronto, the const…

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Father Kazimierz Zabawa, C.Ss.R. (1928 - 2012)

posted on Jan 2, 04:50 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

On Thursday, Dec. 20th, at St. Mary’s Parish in Saskatoon, confreres and parishioners joined Fr. Kaz Zabawa’s family members and friends from Winnipeg and Calgary to celebrate a Mass of Christian Resurrection for this gentle, dignified confrere. Fr. Jon Hansen and I drove the next day to Edmonton where we were met by Frs. Tex Keindel, Dino Benedet, Stan Liska, and Bill Bernard (who drove…

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Redemptorists Vocations Across the Country - Vancouver & Saskatoon

posted on Jan 2, 03:57 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

As you may know, in 1993 our General Government published some guidelines for each Province to follow. These guidelines concerned vocation recruitment and student formation. In the chapter called “First Contact and Vocational Accompaniment” they wrote to us:

74. GENERAL OBJECTIVE: This is the time of first contact with the Redemptorist      Apostolic Life. Its end is to announce an…

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Here’s to ‘Corry’ and the Many Good Priests

posted on Jan 2, 03:40 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Bob Brehl – reprinted from the Catholic Register with permission

Fr. Raymond Corriveau was one of the best

This week marks the second anniversary of the passing of one of the finest priests — make that people — I have had the good fortune to know, Fr. Raymond Corriveau.

Some readers may have known “Corry” through his work with the Redemptorists, but many readers probably don’t know the name. And that’s a shame. No…

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Redemptorist Vocations Across the Country - Grande Prairie, Edmonton and St. John's

posted on Dec 27, 11:53 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

As you know, our Constitutions and Statutes encourage us: The vitality with which the Congregation pursues its apostolic mission depends on the number and quality of the candidates who seek admission to the Redemptorist community.

For that reason, all the confreres, out of love and appreciation for their own vocation, should zealously engage in the apostolate of fostering vocations to the…

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December 2012 St Patrick’s Renovations Update

posted on Dec 19, 03:11 pm by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Construction continues at St. Patrick’s “Monastery”. It is hard to believe that as we move into December, we reach the milestone of 4 months into construction. So much has happened, while so much more needs to be done. With all the abatement of the lead and asbestos completed, the crews have been hard at work framing, installing the rough ins for electrical, plumbing, and the mechanical s…

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Our Province’s Newest Branch Office

posted on Dec 19, 11:05 am by Kathy McMerty

Fr. Bill Bernard, C.Ss.R.

Our appointments this summer brought about a big change for me. Archbishop Gerry Pettipas had asked me if I was willing to take on the job of Episcopal Vicar for the Aboriginal people in his diocese. When I expressed my willingness, the question went to our Provincial Council. The result was my appointment to this new office, and along with it, the responsibility of giving pastoral care to f…

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Our Mother of Perpetual Help Answers Sita’s Prayer

posted on Dec 19, 10:58 am by Kathy McMerty

By Pat Csinos

Below is a letter that I sent to the editor of the Baltimore Redemptorist magazine PLENTIFUL REDEMPTION. Sita asked me to write it on her behalf and send it to the magazine as suggested by Fr. Leo. It is the telling of how she came to recover her lost earring as a result of having asked our Mother of Perpetual Help to find it for her.

To the Editor of Plentiful Redemption – Baltimore Province

Dear Steph…

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Sacred Heart Parish - 100th Anniversary

posted on Dec 19, 10:51 am by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Ed Kennedy, C.Ss.R.

Sacred Heart Parish in Edson, Alberta (current church pictured at left) is celebrating this year one hundred years since the first church was built by Oblate Missionaries.

Our provincial, Fr. Mark Miller and the Redemptorists were invited to mark the thirty-six years the C.Ss.R. gave to Edson and its missions. Father Shalla who began our ministry in Grande Prairie was the first pastor. Fat…

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Anniversary Bursary Support Thank You

posted on Dec 19, 10:46 am by Kathy McMerty

Dear Redemptorists,

This is a note of gracious thanks!!!!  I’d like to inform you of my PhD completion, with “completion” being the best kind of thanks for your generous scholarship support over two of my years of doctoral study at the University of St. Michael’s College.

My PhD dissertation in theology, An Exploration and Adaptation of Anton T. Boisen’s Notion of the Psychiatric Chaplain in Responding to Contemporar…

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Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Graduation

posted on Dec 19, 10:40 am by Kathy McMerty

By Susannah Johnson

On Saturday October 13th I was in St. Catharines, Ontario to attend the graduation from the Redemptorist sponsored Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies. I want you to know how this program changes lives.

One student was a middle aged single mother of five. She shared with me how CCYMS helped her raise her children on her own. She learned how to better communicate with them, help them in…

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Father Arthur Connell, C.Ss.R. (1928-2012)

posted on Dec 18, 04:27 pm by Kathy McMerty

By MC Havey, Archivist

Under a sunny autumn sky on October 2, members of the Knights of Columbus provided an honour guard for the burial of Rev. Arthur Connell in his beloved Miramichi, New Brunswick.

Provincial Superior Mark Miller concelebrated with four long-time priest friends at the Mass of Christian Burial in St. Michael’s Basilica, the church of his Baptism, First Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation, First…

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Deputation - TTC Commissioners - Toronto City Hall - September 27th, 2012

posted on Dec 18, 04:17 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) wants to outsource the servicing and cleaning workers. The wage would be $11.00 per hour and no benefits (currently workers receive $22.00 per hour with benefits). The workers asked me to give a deputation to the Commission at a meeting with Toronto City Councillors to lead to a defeat of this motion. We were not successful. Following is my deputatio…

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Annual Bishop’s Cup - Congratulations!

posted on Dec 18, 04:04 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

On October 13, 2012 in St. Joseph’s High School gymnasium, the Redemptorists at St. Mary’s (Fr. Mick, Fr. Ciro and I) played in the Bishop’s Cup Basketball Tournament against the Youth of Saskatoon. It was a blast! Below is an article which can be found on the Diocese of Saskatoon’s Youth Ministry website. Be sure to check out the YouTube video link at the end of the article!


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Vocation Ministry

posted on Dec 18, 03:59 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

The Co-ordinators of Vocation Ministry in North America, met in Glenview, Illinois on the 2nd and 3rd of October. We were especially encouraged because we just celebrated first vows for several men in Houston and in Toronto. We have over 30 students in theology who are preparing for priesthood in Montreal, Boston, Chicago, and Houston. We have several novices presently studying in Long…

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Greetings to My Colleagues and Brothers in Christ

posted on Dec 18, 12:17 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Susannah Johnson

I write to you in this issue of Connections to introduce myself as a new member to your team. My name is Susannah Johnson and upon Pat Csinos’ retirement, I am the new Director of the Canadian Certificate for Youth Ministry Studies. I am very happy to be working for you and with you to spread the Good News to youth as I promote and coordinate the training of youth ministers in Canada. If you go…

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St Patrick's Renovations Update

posted on Dec 18, 12:04 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

“Ready? Set? Go!” has been the sentiment amidst all changes that have been taking place this past year at the “Monastery” at St. Patrick’s in Toronto. As of August 17, 2013, the last of the confreres moved from the Monastery into Redeemer House, as the fences were erected and the demolition crew began to make preparations for their work.

Over the last several months, as the work of the R…

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CPE Program Evaluation

posted on Dec 17, 04:29 pm by Kathy McMerty

By Fr. Gabriel Achu, C.Ss.R.

When Fr. Mark asked me to write an evaluation on the just concluded CPE program, I decided to use the same method I used for the CPE program evaluation.

How do you feel about this Bereavement-focused CPE Program and how it has benefited or impaired your bereavement/spiritual care identity development?

I feel the bereavement-focused CPE program is very essential to all those going through gr…

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Graham Hill's First Vows

posted on Sep 5, 11:03 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey, Archivist

On the 225th anniversary of the death of St. Alphonsus and with Superior General Michael Brehl in the sanctuary, Graham Hill professed his first vows as a member of the Edmonton-Toronto Province on August 1 at St. Patrick’s Church in Toronto.

Provincial Superior Mark Miller presided at the examination, the profession and presentation of the Constitutions and Statutes as well as the pro…

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Clinical Pastoral Education

posted on Sep 5, 10:52 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Steve Morissey, C.Ss.R.

What a wonderful experience! The wonderful experience I am talking about is a Clinical Pastoral Education Unit that I recently completed at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, SK. I participated in the first of four possible units of CPE. I entered into this CPE Unit out of a great desire to learn even more about an aspect of ministry that I have grown to love, namely hospital m…

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The Redemptorists’ Farewell Mass And Reception - Sudbury - June 14, 2012

posted on Jul 12, 11:28 am by Kathy McMerty

From Holy Redeemer Parish Bulletin

Thursday June 14th was a time of remembrance, thanksgiving, joy and hope as the parish celebrated the 62 years of Redemptorist service to the Holy Redeemer community.

The celebration began with a pre-reception in the parish hall where we were able to reconnect and share memories with the Redemptorist priests who had returned to the parish. This was followed by a Mass of thanksgivin…

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Fr Donald MacLellan School Blessed

posted on Jul 11, 02:50 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey, Archivist
Photos by Fr. James Mason, C.Ss.R.

The buzz of conversation and laughter wafted among family, confreres, friends, former teaching colleagues and students who gathered for the blessing of the Father Donald MacLellan Catholic Secondary School on May 31.

Provincial Superior Mark Miller (pictured at left with MC Havey and students at the entrance of the main site of the Fr. Donald MacLella…

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Fr Meehan’s Media Career Outlined at History Conference

posted on Jul 11, 02:43 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey, Archivist

Two papers on the media career of Rev. Matthew Meehan opened the annual conference of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association (CCHA) on May 28 at the University of Waterloo.

With the assistance of photographs from the Edmonton-Toronto archives, M.C. Havey outlined the details of Fr. Meehan’s life that prepared him for 51 years as a broadcaster and columnist, which began in 1947 on…

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Site Location Update on The Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program

posted on Jul 11, 02:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Pat Csinos, Director

We will soon be entering into our fifth year of providing comprehensive training in youth ministry to those people in Canada working directly with youth in Catholic parishes and high schools. As of September 2012, the following five sites will be hosting these courses for people seeking to develop the knowledge, skills and practical tools and techniques needed for creative and comprehe…

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North American Formation Gathering & Investiture

posted on Jun 4, 04:37 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Graham Hill

Every year the Redemptorist students from around North America get together for a week that is as much about getting to know one another as it is about the conferences that take place during the gathering. It is a chance for students from the formation houses in the Bronx, Boston and Chicago, from the North American Interprovincial Novitiate in Toronto, and from the Vietnamese Extra-Patriam The…

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My Service to Radio Maryja Listeners in Canada

posted on Jun 4, 04:22 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Jacek Cydzik, C.Ss.R.

I arrived in Canada in late November last year. I have had a great opportunity to experience the Redemptorist life at St. Patrick’s community. And at every Wednesday’s Novena, I see many people seeking God’s mercy in the confessional as well as some spiritual nourishment – it all is giving me a good image of Redemptorist service here in Toronto. As my first goal is to serve the…

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Preparing for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

posted on May 1, 04:41 pm by Kathy McMerty

The legacy of the Indian Residential School System was the focus of prayer, reflection and discussion during a diocesan Congress Day in three locations: Saskatoon, Humboldt and Kindersley.

A diocesan committee has been established by Bishop Donald Bolen to encourage and prepare for diocesan involvement in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) national event this summer in Saskatoon. Members of the committee –…

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Holy Week in Fond du Lac

posted on May 1, 04:35 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

These next few paragraphs are all about a great weekend in Northern Saskatchewan. This year, I had the wonderful and unforgettable opportunity to celebrate the Easter Triduum in Fond du Lac, SK. Fond du Lac is a beautiful native reserve in the McKenzie- Fort Smith Diocese, the true North of Canada. It was a true gift that I will always cherish in my heart.

Prior to the season…

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North American Interprovincial Novitiate Board Meeting in Toronto

posted on Apr 2, 02:05 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Gary Laurenstein, C.Ss.R.

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, the North American Interprovincial Novitiate Board met at 426 St. Germain for its semi-annual gathering. The North American Interprovincial Novitiate has been in existence since 1996, previously located at Villa Redeemer in Glenview, IL. Since 2010, it has been located at the Provincial House in Toronto. The Board gathers to direct and oversee the…

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Prophetic Roots of the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative

posted on Apr 2, 01:24 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

They were exciting times and, for me personally, inspirational.

The newly elected Pope John XXIII had asked that Western Europe and North America send missionaries to the Global South, especially Latin America. Religious Orders and Communities responded positively to the degree they could.

Pope John called for a new Vatican Council. It began in 1962 and ended in 1965. The hope, dre…

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Christmas in Tulita

posted on Feb 1, 09:45 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.
Tulita, NT is a small village located 200 km south of the Arctic Circle where the Great Bear River intersects the Mackenzie on its course north to the Arctic Ocean. In North Slavey, the language of the Dené who live here, Tulita means, “Where the waters meet”.

I arrived in Tulita, at the invitation of Murray Chatlain, Bishop of the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese, to be with the peopl…

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Life in Québec

posted on Feb 1, 09:33 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. David Purcell, C.Ss.R.

In August I moved to the city of Québec. I registered in a program called French as a Second Language, at the University of Laval. In English, there is a saying, “You can never teach an old dog new tricks.” But, I am already able to speak and to write a few words in French!?

My classmates are very interesting. Some students speak German, Japanese, and Chinese. Most students…

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Father John Molnar, C.Ss.R. 1925 - 2011

posted on Jan 4, 10:44 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey from archival files and the death notice in The Edmonton Journal

Many confreres, family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of Rev. John Molnar, who died on November 27.

A dedicated, energetic Redemptorist, Fr. Molnar died in Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital on November 27 three months after his 60th anniversary of his priesthood. He was 86.

The wake and Mass of the Resurrection was held…

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Sister Margaret Reid, O.Ss.R.

posted on Jan 4, 10:39 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. James Mason, C.Ss.R.

In the small mining town of Deloro northeast of Marmora, Ontario, Margaret Reid was born to Thomas James Reid and Mary Gillen Reid on March 8, 1921. The second of three girls and one boy, Margaret had not begun to walk before the family moved to Milton, Ontario, northwest of Toronto. Thomas and Mary bought a farm there and from there all four of the Reid children went forth. Mary…

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Sisters of Service and Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto Sign Agreement

posted on Dec 5, 03:49 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey

MC has worked as an archivist for the Sisters of Service for 15 years and the Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists since 2000.

An active era of service is ending.

In mid-November at the General Assembly, the Sisters of Service (SOS) signed a sponsorship agreement with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, who will provide Leadership in the closing years of the community.

All but four of the 20 SOS live in…

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Perpetual Help Devotions

posted on Dec 5, 03:20 pm by Kathy McMerty

Our new 2012-2014 calendar is now available. The Perpetual Help TV Devotions is now in its 17th year. Twice each year we send out two mailings to more than 6,000 homes. We are told that there are 50,000-60,000 people who watch our Wednesday broadcasts. Every week we respond to an average of 25 letters a day. In June and October the number swells to 100 letters a day.

Several confreres within the Provinces have…

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St. Teresa’s and St. Mary’s Keep on Sharing

posted on Nov 8, 01:18 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Steve Morrisey

It really is a great gift to be able to experience so much of our wonderful country. It is often said, with a smile, that we are “Redemp-TOURISTS” and sometimes that may be true but there is so much more to that simple expression than a smile and laugh. If I could, for but a brief moment, I would like to share a little of what travelling across this great country has provided for me. T…

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Introducing Fr. Sarath Maddineni

posted on Oct 14, 02:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Sarath Maddenini, C.Ss.R.

I am Sarath Maddineni C.Ss.R. from the Province of Bangalore – India. I was born on January 5th, 1977, in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. On June 8, 2000 I made my profession and was ordained on May 18th, 2005. After finishing a year of Pastoral in Bangalore, I went to Kenya in 2006.  From 2006 to 2008, I was assisting at our Holy Redeemer Parish in Iruma and also goi…

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Yvonne Meehan (1931-2011)

posted on Oct 14, 02:34 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Jim Mason, C.Ss.R.

On July 31st, 2011 we Redemptorists lost one of our close associates and a dear friend when Yvonne Meehan died. Yvonne is known to many of us as the wife of Dr. Joe Meehan, as sister-in-law of Father Matt Meehan, as mother of 6 children and as a parishioner of Our Lady of the Assumption in her family’s early years. In the eighties and there after she readily and happily gave of her…

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Fr. Michael Brehl, Superior General of the Redemptorists Participates in World Youth Day Madrid - August 2011

posted on Sep 9, 10:41 am by Kathy McMerty

Note: this article was written by Pat Csinos for Plug Into Christ the Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorist Young Adult Newsletter.

Pictured at left: Father General Michael Brehl and past Father General Lasso in Granada at the Alhambra Palace

I didn’t attend World Youth Day 2012 in Madrid but Fr. Michael Brehl, Superior General of the Redemptorists, sent me pictures of his experience of this incredible event. The heat, emoti…

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Sixty Years Celebrated at Our Lady of Assumption Church

posted on Sep 9, 10:20 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by M.C. Havey, Archivist

A standing-room only congregation attended a Mass on August 21 celebrating the 60 years of Our Lady of Assumption Church in North Toronto.

Although established in 1946, the Redemptorists assumed responsibility in 1950 of the parish — but without a church. Rev. Francis Cunerty Sr., the first CSsR pastor, was the driving force to get the shovels into the ground. The construction of the…

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Meet the 2011-2012 Novices

posted on Aug 4, 03:48 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Gary Lauenstein, C.Ss.R.

On July 28, 2011, four men arrived to begin their Novitiate year at the Interprovincial Novitiate in Toronto, Canada. These include (left to right in the photo) Quy Duong, Kevin Zubel, Graham Hill and Tomás Murray. In the middle of the photo, in habit, is Carmelo Gonzalez, who continues his Novitiate, having started on Sep. 13, 2010. He has about six more weeks to go.

Quy is f…

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May The Farce Be With You...

posted on Aug 4, 03:20 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. Ed Eherer, C.Ss.R.

Artistic directors (left to right, Jeannie Pernal (musicial director), Ed Eherer, Stacy Berg (theatrical director))

On the evenings of April 1 and 2 of this year, St. Joseph’s parish hall was magically transformed into a medieval dining hall, offering a feast for the eyes and ears, as well as for the stomach. It was all part of a fundraiser for the Grande Prairie Boys’ Choir, where gu…

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posted on Jul 4, 11:50 am by Kathy McMerty

Article by Fr. James Mason, C.Ss.R.

From left to right: Gerry Carroll, Fr. Gary Lauenstein, David Verghese, Peter Morris, Fr. Ray Douziech, Br. Jeffrey Rolle, Bishop John Pazak, Fr. Mike Brehl, Charles Randall, Fr. Juvy Andrade, Anthony Michalik, Carmelo Gonzalez, Ashford St. Romain and Calvin Auguiste.

It was twelve noon, and with but ten minutes to start time, all was ready for the ordinary Noon Mass on Sunday, May…

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June 1, 2011. Press release: Redemptorist Internet TV Takes aim at Catholic learners

posted on Jun 20, 03:41 pm by Kathy McMerty

After years of fine-tuning, the Redemptorists of English Canada (Edmonton-Toronto province) last week unveiled their new on-line religious education TV channel: (RTV) to a group of young people attending S.E.R.V.E. (Summer Endeavour in a Redemptorist Volunteer Experience).

In the attached photo: RTV introduced to S.E.R.V.E. group:

Front: Meredith Gillis, Mike Crate, Darren Kinash (Villagers), Mi…

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Stamp Burse Volunteer Required

posted on Jun 9, 03:00 pm by Kathy McMerty

Article by Br. Ray Pierce

Helen McCarthy has been the coordinator of the Redemptorists Mission Stamp Burse for more than 40 years and expects to retire someday. She is looking for a volunteer to carry on the work for the Stamp Burse when she does.
This work involves receiving packages of stamps (mailed and hand delivered), sorting them, cutting them to the proper size (leaving ¼” around the stamp), boxing them for sa…

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A Special Letter from Fr General, Michael Brehl to Commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of St. John Nepomucene Neumann

posted on Mar 25, 09:14 am by Kathy McMerty

Dear Confreres, Sisters and Lay Associates,
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who calls us to preach the Gospel ever anew and sends us with joy to the most abandoned and the poor!
I write this letter to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Nepomucene Neumann. He was born on March 28, 1811 in Prachatitz, Bohemia. In his homily on the day of John Neumann’s beatification, Paul VI summarized his lif…

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Brother Francis—60 Years of Profession

posted on Mar 24, 11:18 am by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Article by Fr. Tom O’Rouke, C.Ss.R
It is both an honour and privilege to have been asked to speak briefly about Brother Francis, and on behalf of the Redemptorists, to express our affection, offer our congratulations and blessing as he marks 60 years of Profession.
I lived with Brother Francis at Holy Redeemer Parish in Sudbury for almost eight years before he moved to the St. Patrick’s community 3 years ago. That i…

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St. John Neumann C.Ss.R. - Celebrating his 200th Birthday

posted on Jan 18, 04:12 pm by Ruth McDonnell

Redemptorist Bishop Saint

In 1836, a young seminarian named John Neumann arrived in the U.S. from his native Bohemia. He left his family in the dead of night to become a missionary in America. His one goal was to bring the love of God to forgotten and neglected souls.

He joined the Redemptorists in 1842, and in 1852, at the age of 41, he was named the fourth bishop of Philadelphia. In the eight short years bef…

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posted on Jan 14, 04:43 pm by Ruth McDonnell

Article by: M.C. Havey, Archivist, Edmonton-Toronto Province

The Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto have donated the media records of Rev. Matthew Meehan, their prominent religious broadcaster, to the Archives of Ontario.

Fr. Meehan’s 46-year career in religious broadcasting is likely the longest in Canada. After an examination of his media records, staff at the Archives of Ontario deemed them significance to the…

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North American Redemptorist Mission

posted on Nov 29, 03:02 pm by Ruth McDonnell

*Article by Patrick Woods, C.Ss.R. published in the November edition of SCALA Redemptorist Newsletter*

For two weeks in November, from the 5th to the 15th, Redemptorists, deacons and Lay Missionaries from the Denver Province, the Baltimore Province, the St Anne de Beaupre Province, the Edmonton-Toronto Province, and the Yorkton Province travelled to the Archdiocese of Grouard/McLennan in Alberta, Canada to preach miss…

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Rev. Raymond Corriveau, C.Ss.R. 1936-2010

posted on Nov 12, 01:47 pm by Ruth McDonnell

Rev. Raymond Corriveau C.Ss.R. passed away at noon on November 12, 2010.
May Corry’s prayers now support us as we continue in the vision he so faithfully lived.

Born in 1936 and grew up near Zurich, Ontario, he attended local schools until18 years old when he entered the juvenate St. Mary’s College in Brockville, ON. He was in the graduating class of 1955.

Entering the novitiate at L’Abord-a-Plouffe, Quebec under Novi…

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Rev. James Davis, C.Ss.R. 1926-2010

posted on Oct 22, 02:11 pm by Ruth McDonnell

Rev. James Davis, C.Ss.R. 1926-2010

Born in Grand Falls, NL on October 14, 1926, James Aloysius Davis was the eleventh child of Gertrude Hatch and John Davis and educated by Irish Presentation Sisters, graduating from high school there.

After attending a Redemptorist mission, he came for a year of studies (1942-1943) at the Redemptorist juvenate, which was located in Toronto during part of the Second World War.

In 1…

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Highlights of the Episcopal Ordination of former Superior General, Fr. Joseph Tobin C.Ss.R.

posted on Oct 11, 07:48 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Former Redemptorist Superior General, Fr. Joseph Tobin C.Ss.R. was ordained an Archbishop in Rome on Saturday October 9, 2010.

In August , Father Tobin was named as the secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Archbishop Joseph Tobin, we join with you in prayer as you begin this new service within the Church, especially for our religious brothers an…

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Father Jim Mason - 50th anniversary of priesthood

posted on Jun 19, 07:56 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Father Jim is a Cape Bretoner born on December 19th, 1933. He attended Constantine Catholic school, where a picture of that Roman Emperor was hung in a prominent place. His first contact with the Redemptorists was through Fr. Cameron MacDonald whose brother was married to Jim’s sister. He did three years at St. Mary’s College, Brockville, where this skin-and-bones kid put on the pounds as a result of the regular orde…

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Father James Aloysius Davis - 60th anniversary of priesthood

posted on Jun 18, 07:47 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Father Jim Davis was born in Grand Falls, NF, on October 14th, 1926, the 11th child of John Davis and Gertrude Hatch. His early schooling was with the Presentation Sisters in Grande Falls and at St. Michael’s High in Toronto. He lived at St. Clements Juvenate on St. George Street in Toronto. In 1956 he received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor and eventually earned an MA in French from Laval Univer…

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Father Albert Stoeckel, C.Ss.R. - Spending time with Our Lord

posted on Jun 1, 07:51 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

The summer 0f 2010 would have been an eventful one for our Father Stoeckel. He would have celebrated three anniversaries- that of his birth on August 15th, of his 78th as a Redemptorist on August 2nd, and his 73rd as a priest on June 20th. Instead, since he died on May 13th this year, he will celebrate these events with our Redeeming Saviour as he takes his place in heaven.

Father Stockel’s life story has been told se…

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70 years a Priest - Father Jim Farrell

posted on Jun 1, 07:42 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

The best way I can describe Father Jim Farrell is to say that from his birth some 93 years ago to this day, he has been a joyful man and a happy priest of the people, for the people and with the people. Caring moves deeply in his Irish blood.

Jim grew up in Montreal in the glory days of old St. Ann’s. The family moved to Rosemont for a few years but returned often to St. Ann’s for Irish celebrations. When Jim’s dad di…

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Book Review: The Neo-Catholics - Implementing Christian Nationalism in America

posted on May 1, 06:51 pm by Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

written by Betty Clermont, published by Clarity Press USA 2009

Recently I heard the retired Archbishop of San Francisco, John Quinn, say that for the first time in American history the U.S. bishops had sided with the Republican Party. He also wrote an open letter to the U.S. church to this affect. This book examines how hawks and neoconservatives in the Republican Party forged a nexus with powerful rightwing Catholics…

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Book Review: Empire Of Illusion - The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

posted on May 1, 06:48 pm by Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

written by Chris Hedges, published by Alfred A. Knopf Canada 2009

A culture that cannot distinguish between reality and illusion dies. And we are dying now it seems. We will either awake from our induced childishness, one where trivia and gossip pass for News and information, one where our goal is not justice but an illusive and unattainable happiness, to confront the stark limitations before us, or we will continue o…

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Red’s Road Kill - Life on the Road

posted on May 1, 06:47 pm by Fr. Eugene (Red) O’Reilly, C.Ss.R.

I was talking to a young girl in the sacristy before Mass. I asked her how old she was and she said she was 10.“What grade are you in”? she said grade 5. I then asked her what she liked most about school apart from lunch and recess. She replied that she liked Gym, and then she said, “Jim sits in the desk in front of me in class, and I like him a lot!!”

Out of the mouth’s of the innocent ones!

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Renovations at St. Patrick’s Monastery

posted on May 1, 06:42 pm by Fr. Mark Miller, C.Ss.R.

I thought I would take the opportunity of this issue of Community Connections to continue to update all of you about the renovations at St. Patrick’s Monastery. As most of you know, we began last fall because we needed a new heating system. The over-100-year-old pipes would no longer do. We prepared to install a heating/air conditioning system that would allow individual control in each room. However, as always happe…

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