OCCUPY TORONTO! That is...The Redemptorist Residence at St. Patrick's Church!

posted on 08/08/13 10:46 am by Kathy McMerty  

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

July 1st has come and gone, and though the work on the “Monastery” at St. Patrick’s continues, we await the completion of the building which is currently scheduled for mid-September.

Many milestones have been achieved which allow for the remaining work to be done in an orderly and timely fashion. In May, we celebrated 80% completion of the entire project, by throwing the entire construction and oversight crew a BBQ (see picture at left!) This gave the Confreres an opportunity to enjoy the company of the workers who have worked hard to renovate our new home! Marwan Al-Turk, our Financial Comptroller fired up the BBQ and flipped those patties!

The latest and greatest milestone is partial occupancy. The “condo dwellers” – Fr. Joe, Fr. Jacek and Fr. Santo have moved out of their respective temporary residences and have moved up to the 3rd floor of the “Monastery”, along with Fr. Christopher Kuriyappilly C.Ss.R. who joins us from the Bangalore Province, and who has been studying Scripture in Rome the last 3 years. He will be assisting in the parish until the end of September.

In order to have achieved partial occupancy and approval by the inspectors, we had to complete the 3rd floor (floors, painting, doors, trim, and plumbing), as well as having to complete systems for the entire building like functioning water supply, hot water, air conditioning, electricity, fire alarm systems and access for regular foot traffic and fire exits.

In meeting this milestone, we are well underway to seeing this project completed. The manufacturing of the fire rated bedroom doors and the bathroom doors is taking a bit longer than originally anticipated, and they are being framed and installed on site, so the doors are not just a simple “pop into place” deal.

Soon, the second floor (residence floor) will see its hardwood floor installed as well as the doors with frames. The walls on the second floor have already been painted, so much of the installation of fixtures, lighting and washrooms, along with trim and touch up painting will progress rather quickly. The first floor and lower level are almost completely dry-walled. Much of the concentration of late has been on the partial occupancy of the 3rd floor so that the condo crew could vacate their premises by July 31st, but with that behind us, we will see the remainder of the building come together.

We are grateful to the staff at St. Patrick’s – full-time and part-time for their support and cooperation during the move, lifting a hand when necessary! Thank you as well to the confreres at Redeemer House whose generosity of time to the parish has allowed us to concentrate on this busy task, which will of course continue through to September. Even Fr. Mark Miller was spotted assembling furniture on the 3rd floor. He can attest to the fact that assembling furniture is a great way to recover from jetlag!

All in all, it has been a great experience of cooperation between the Redemptorists and this top class crew of architects, contractors and tradesmen. Though we met some deadlines late (and to be expected!), they have done it with consideration, professionalism and class.

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