Rev. Raymond Corriveau, C.Ss.R. 1936-2010

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Rev. Raymond Corriveau C.Ss.R. passed away at noon on November 12, 2010.
May Corry’s prayers now support us as we continue in the vision he so faithfully lived.

Born in 1936 and grew up near Zurich, Ontario, he attended local schools until18 years old when he entered the juvenate St. Mary’s College in Brockville, ON. He was in the graduating class of 1955.

Entering the novitiate at L’Abord-a-Plouffe, Quebec under Novice Master Cornelius McElligott, he made first profession on September 15, 1956. His seminary studies were at St. Alphonsus Seminary in Woodstock (1956-1957) and the newly-opened Holy Redeemer College, Windsor, Ontario (1957-1963). He was ordained on June 17, 1962 at Holy Redeemer College by Auxiliary Bishop Emmett Carter of the London Diocese.

Academic studies followed with a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Windsor (1963), STL/ MA at St. Paul’s University, Ottawa (1963-1964); S.T.D./ Moral Theology Accademia Alfonsiana, Rome (1964-1967). He taught moral theology at Scholasticat in Alymer, Quebec (1967-1968).

In September 1968, Fr. Corriveau was one of three young Redemptorists, who initiated the Lakeshore Experimental Project in the Montreal suburb of Pointe Claire. It was a pastoral ministry to discover the first-hand problems facing Catholics in five English-speaking parishes of the Montreal suburbs between Dorval and Senneville.

At the age of 36, he was appointed as Novice Master (1972-1980) at Gerard House, first located in the Toronto’s east end on Coxwell Avenue (1972-1974) and on Howland Avenue, close to the University of Toronto. Two of his novices were Superior General Michael Brehl and Archbishop Gerard Pettipas of Grouard-McLennan. During this time, he was also a professor of Christian Ethics, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto School of Theology (1972-1980). In 1980, he traveled to Dundalk, Ireland to make arrangements for Toronto Province novices to study there.

Parish appointments followed as pastor at St. Alphonsus, Peterborough, Ontario (1981-1984); pastor as St. Teresa’s, St. John’s, Newfoundland (1984-1990); and pastor for St. Patrick’s, Toronto (1990-1993). He continued teaching part-time (1981-1984, 1991-1994) at the Toronto School of Theology.

He was Vicar Provincial of the Toronto Province (1990-1993) and elected provincial superior (1993-1996). He was instrumental in negotiating the reuniting of the Edmonton and Toronto Provinces. At the creation of the Edmonton-Toronto Province, he was elected as its first provincial superior (1996-1999) and re-elected for a second term (1999-2002).

Fr. Corriveau was assigned to Holy Redeemer parish in Sudbury, Ontario (2003-2004) and continued to care for the League of St. Gerard. In 2004, he was assigned to his present appointment as Associate Novice Master of the North American Redemptorist Novitiate in Glenview. He retired from that position in the spring of 2010 and returned to Toronto to live at the Perpetual Help residence.

R. Corriveau SMC 1955 — The photo is from his 1955 graduation composite group photo of St. Mary’s College, Brockville.

Fr. Corriveau, 1964

Fr. Corriveau in office. He is in his office of the Toronto Provincial Superior (1993-1996) in the provincial headquarters in Toronto. Fr. Furlonger is also in the photo

Fr. Corriveau with little girl. It was taken at Fr. Tom O’Rourke’s profession, 1997. The girl is Fr. Tom’s niece

Biography and images courtesy of the Archives of Edmonton-Toronto Redemptorists*

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  1. The confreres of the Yorkton Province have wonderful and fond memories of Corry. He connected with us on so many levels: formation, workshops, retreats, leadership and genuine friendship. In fact, he was my first spiritual director when I started out at Redeemer House way back when. Our prayers and condolences go out to Corry’s family and to the members of the Edmonton-Toronto Province. May God grant this servant a blessed and deserved repose! Eternal Memory!

    Fr. Larry Kondra, C.Ss.R.

    » by Larry Kondra, C.Ss.R. on Nov 12, 11:29 pm - #permlink

  2. I am deeply saddened by this news. I will pray for you and for all those who grieve your passing. Until that day we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    » by adriana rerecich on Nov 12, 11:42 pm - #permlink

  3. I was a student at Redeemer House (Yorkton province) in Toronto from 1974-77. The two communities had a very good relationship and many moments together. I remember Corry fondly as a joyful, generous priest and will pray for him as well as ask his prayers. Eternal memory!!

    » by Fr Brian Kolodiejchuk, MC on Nov 13, 12:46 pm - #permlink

  4. On behalf of all of us at Scarboro Missions, priests and laity,our prayers and condolences to the Redemptorist community of Fr Ray as well as the member of his family originating from Zurich Ont. Ray was always a gentle inspiration, a light to all, whose faithfulness and priestly wisdom served so many so well. He endured much with his failing health, may he now be blessed with all that God has for those who have lived and served the people of God so faithfully.
    Fr. Mike Traher / Scarboro Missions

    » by Michael Traher SFM on Nov 13, 01:36 pm - #permlink

  5. C’est avec une grande tristesse que j’apprends le décès du Père Raymond Corriveau qui fut un de mes formateurs pendant mon séjour à Glenview, Illinois. Son vaste savoir exégétique et sa vie religieuse n’avaient d’égal que sa profonde humanité et son accueil inconditionnel pour tous ceux qui le côtoyaient. J’offre mes plus sincères sympathies aux membres de sa famille et à ses confrères. Puisse-t-il maintenant recevoir la récompense du Rédempteur qu’il a fidèlement servi et suivi pendant toute sa vie…

    » by Jean Tétreault on Nov 13, 09:48 pm - #permlink

  6. I am deeply saddened by the news. I promised Ray to keep praying for him every mass i celebrate, and I do. Ray, has influenced my life and for me, was an example of a great Redemptorist, Father and human being. I will definitely miss him and I am honored to have known him.
    Fr. Fawaz Kako, C.Ss.R.

    » by Fr. Fawaz Kako, C.Ss.R. on Nov 13, 11:45 pm - #permlink

  7. I first met Fr. Ray as a student at the Toronto School of Theology in the early 1970’s. He became a wonderful friend, mentor and inspiration to me. His love for Jesus led me to seek a deeper knowledge of God, a path that he would, as a great Redmptorist, make smoother when the inevitable ‘road bumps’ surfaced. He shall always live in my heart, and I will miss “the music in his voice.” As someone who was able to accompany him on his “final journey home,” I am grateful to Fr. Gary Lauenstein for making this possible. “Rest well my friend…a job well done!” Until we meet again…

    » by Mary Ronan on Nov 14, 05:28 am - #permlink

  8. We first met Fr Corriveau when he was part of the Lakeshore Experimental Project where one Christmas eve we celebrated midnight mass in Fairview Shopping Centre: More than 1000 attended. Over a period of 30 years, Corry came back to Montreal to attend and lend his presence to most of our important family celebrations: Anniversaries, weddings, funerals. We thank you for that. He was so comfortable talking to a crowd, small group or one on one. His warmth and understanding made everyone, no matter who or what they were, including me, at ease and never shied away from discussing sensitive or controversial topics with openness, understanding, sharing such meaning. A truly wonderful person to have welcomed into our family and I’m sure yours! Corry, thank you. As my mom said “Sing no sad songs for me!” We won’t; we will just think of how wonderful you are to all of us. You will live in our thoughts and deeds.

    » by Jeffrey Brooks on Nov 14, 08:08 am - #permlink

  9. In Fr.Corriveau’s I mourn the death of a dear friend. We met in Brockville and carried out our friendship through our years together in the Seminary. While he became a Redemptorist, I chose the married state. He officiated at our wedding. We maintained close contact over fifty years. Carol and I were able to be with him during his final illness and privileged to be there when he passed into Eternal life. We have lost a dear and saintly friend. John and Carol Burke

    » by John and Carol Burke on Nov 14, 09:03 am - #permlink

  10. Rest in peace, Corry. You’ll be missed.

    » by Cheryl Grady on Nov 14, 10:56 am - #permlink

  11. I am greatful to God for giving me the oppertunity to share time and space with such a wonderful individual. He reflected Christ’s love in his ministry and his great Love for the church and the Congregation. He had been a great inspriation on my life, and that he was a part of my formation. I will always be greatful for him saying yes to do my perpetual vows retreat !!He reflected Constitution 20 till his last breath!! Rest in peace Ray!!

    » by Kevin Bellot, C.Ss.R on Nov 14, 02:24 pm - #permlink

  12. In his preaching, teaching and in his life, I always learned. Glory to God for Corry, a great gift to the Redemptorist Family.

    » by Kevin Fraher, CSsR on Nov 15, 04:42 am - #permlink

  13. A Tribute to Father Ray
    A man with an open heart,
    Generosity of spirit and a
    Joyful belly laughter with
    A smile that captures your spirit.

    Let us remember and rejoice
    Having our lives touched by a great friend,
    A spiritual leader and teacher
    With vision to capture the imagination.

    To you Father Ray,
    Thank you being part of my world,
    For showing me the way of
    Truth, light and joy.
    With love, your devoted friends, colleagues and fellow members in Christ’s heart.

    There is a new star in the sky for us to follow… Father Ray

    » by Mary Jo Bulbrook on Nov 15, 01:14 pm - #permlink

  14. I met Father Ray Corriveau a little over 18 years ago, a miraculous moment for me toying between my decision of choosing the right Parish (St. Michael’s Cathedral or St. Patrick’s). Father Ray, pastor at that time, was looking for a lector to read at St. Patrick’s and found me in the nick of time; although I enjoyed reading, I had not read prior at any mass or church for that matter. I soon realized that this gentle man cared for his parishioners and kept in touch hoping that I would soon become a lifetime parishioner of St. Pat’s in downtown Toronto. Today, thanks to Father Ray and the great confreres he so blessedly led and lovingly supported, St. Pats has become a warm and welcoming community to me and many others, generously serving the poor and needy, and drawing many across Toronto, Canada, Globe, and especially those from other faiths closer to St. Pat’s and certainly to the catholic church. I have since remained a lector, and today, my faith has become stronger, thanks to Father Ray.

    Father Ray, you will be missed by many. Our memories of you will always live on, and you will always remain in my prayers.

    » by Diana Alli on Nov 15, 02:49 pm - #permlink

  15. Cory was a colleague and friend to me from 1958 until 1970. I always respected his scholarship and admired his generous spirit and kindness. I only saw him a few times after 1970 but he was always open and welcoming. The Redemptorists and the Corriveau family have lost a good and decent man.

    Rest in peace Cory.

    George Glover

    » by George Glover on Nov 16, 09:24 pm - #permlink

  16. In 1968, Father Mickey Kenney introduced his friend “Corry” to the Kenney family. This was the beginning of a relationship that lasted until November 12, 2010. Following Mick’s death,in 1970, Corry became like a son to my parents, Clarence and Cora Kenney and a brother to my sisters, Noreen, Mary Kaye and I. Over the next 40 years, he attended our weddings as well as those of our children, baptised many of our children and buried both of our parents. The McDonald part of the family was especially fortunate to have Corry drop in whenever he visited his family in London. Father Corry, as he was known by the younger set, combined the qualities of an amazing intellect with a simplicity found only in someone who has a deep faith in God. He was our Teacher, our Mentor and our Spiritual advisor, capable of deep Theological discussions on the one hand, and the ability to sit on the floor with the children and engage in their play, on the other. Our lives have been enriched by him. We mourn the loss of our dear friend and pray that the lessons learned from him will continue to guide us.The Kenney sisters are grateful to the Redemptorists for sharing Corry with us….especially over the past few months.

    » by Carolyn (Kenney) McDonald on Nov 16, 10:58 pm - #permlink

  17. In 1968, Father Mickey Kenney CSsR introduced his family to his friend “Corry”. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that ended on November 12, 2010. When Mick died in 1970, Corry became another son to our parents, Cora and Clancy Kenney, and brother to my sisters, Noreen and Mary Kaye and I. Over the next 40 years, he attended our weddings, and those of our children, baptized many of our children and buried both of our parents. The McDonald clan was especially blessed in having Corry drop by whenever he visited his own family in London. He was our Teacher, our Mentor, our Spiritual Advisor and above all, our dearest friend. Father Corry, as the younger set called him, possessed an amazing intellect combined with a wonderful simplicity. These qualities allowed him to participate in a Theological discussion with us before sitting on the floor with the little ones, joining in their play. We mourn the loss of a great friend . The Kenney Sisters would like to thank the Redemptorists for sharing Corry over the years, and especially these past few months.

    » by Carolyn McDonald on Nov 17, 08:58 am - #permlink

  18. I knew Ray as a Redemptorist confrere from 1959 until 1972 and then met or corresponded with him on and off during the following years. I particularly remember his generous disposition and quiet inspiration. Rest in Peace, Corry.

    Paul Murphy

    » by Paul Murphy on Nov 17, 10:00 am - #permlink

  19. Fr. Ray was a great man and a wonderful priest!

    » by Liz Duff (St. John's ,NL) on Nov 17, 05:33 pm - #permlink

  20. Ray was a good friend and mentor at Holy Redeemer. R.I.P.

    » by Frank Green on Nov 17, 08:11 pm - #permlink

  21. Corry was a Redemptorist thread woven into the life of our family, and much of the Brooks clan, from the time of his participation in the Montreal Lakeshore project, to ministering the Baptism of our first child (now 40), and including his faithful and caring observance of our friendship over a lifetime.
    May he rest at peace in the arms of the Redeemer.

    » by Ted & Judy Brooks on Nov 18, 11:11 pm - #permlink

  22. It was an honor to have known Cory, our Ray as he was known down here in the States. His love for the congregation was infectious. It was a pleasure to work with him in the formation or future Redemptorists. Ray will continue on in the lives of the Redemptorists that he touched. May the Angels lead you into paradise, may the Martyrs come out to greet you and lead you to the new and eternal Jerusalem.

    » by Patrick Keyes on Nov 19, 10:46 pm - #permlink

  23. I am deeply saddened to hear of Fr. Corriveau’s passing. In the mid seventies I was fortunate to have Corry as a spiritual director. His guidance, leadership, and strength have been with me to this day. Eternal memory!

    » by Joe Kozakewich on Nov 21, 02:53 pm - #permlink

  24. What a beautiful man he was. I was a parishioner when Father Ray was Pastor at St.Teresa’s Parish in St.John’s Newfoundland. He led the RCIA team of which I was a member. It was truly fun to work with him. I felt privileged when he told me that he considered me as a brother. Thank God for this beautiful life.

    » by Michel Genest on Nov 24, 07:46 pm - #permlink

  25. The days move on, but the place Corry held in my heart is blessedly open still. 40 years ago, on another Saturday we shared a loss. Corry became part of the joy I eventually celebrated from that loss, and I look to the future with faith and hope in the spirit he taught, committed to celebrating the joy of having had him in my life. My best wishes to all in their journey without our beloved Corry, we will do well to practice his faith, humility and caring until we all meet again. Grateful thanks to our Father for his gift.

    » by Mary Kaye May on Nov 28, 09:15 am - #permlink

  26. We miss him daily…but rejoice in the fact that he is with God.

    » by Mary on Dec 17, 06:29 pm - #permlink

  27. I am saddened to hear (only lately) of the passing of Ray Corriveau. I remember him well from his time at St. Teresa’s Parish in Newfoundland as well as after he moved back to Toronto. We worked closely together on several projects in his capacity as Vicar Provincial and later as Provincial Superior. I remember our times together very fondly. My condolences and warmest regards to all the Redemptorists.

    » by Brian Greene, Ottawa on Mar 3, 11:24 pm - #permlink

  28. When we miss him….which is always…go to u tube….Redemptorists…Corriveau…

    » by Mary on Apr 23, 09:27 pm - #permlink


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