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posted on Sep 3, 04:32 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Fr. Eugene O’Reilly and the Redemptorists are proud to announce the release of a new CD entitled “Songs to Renew Spirit & Heart”. With 11 original songs the CD presents, in Fr. O’Reilly’s view, “a more reflective mood.” With tracks by Fr. O’Reilly, Friends and Redemptorists old and new this CD is a much anticipated comeback of Redemptorist music ministry. Order your copy today for only $20 which includes shipping fees within Canada and the US. Sheet music for the 8 songs written by Fr. O’Reilly is now available by contacting Redemptorist Music at the link below.

With Thanks

When we look back over 30 years of music from the Redemptorists, letters from people reflect how much the music has meant to them in difficult moments. This has been gratifying to say the least. Although Eugene O’Reilly has been the principal song writer – others have contributed many songs which impact others as well. We could not have done it alone. Mr. Paul Hoffert has been an invaluable producer and friend to us over the years. As well, the various musicians who were committed to each project wholeheartedly, the friends and children who sang on various pieces. The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer for financially supporting the recording over the years.

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Music of Deacon
Bob Williston

Complete List of CD Releases:

2008: Songs to Renew Spirit & Heart

posted on Sep 3, 04:37 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

2008 Songs to Renew Spirit & Heart

When I reflect on the Scriptures and various events and encounters portrayed, I am intrigued by stories and situations such as The Prodigal Son returning home, Peter displaying human weakness and infidelity, Mary washing the feet of Jesus, Dismas the thief struggling to acknowledge his own sinful life, and take a chance on Jesus.

The title of this CD, “Songs to Renew Spirit and Heart” reflects my belief that everything is related to the heart. Jesus only looks into our hearts. We are confronted not so much by our actions, rather the motives which remain hidden in our hearts.

To order your copy of “Songs to Renew Spirit and Heart”, please click on the link above.

Eugene O’Reilly, C.Ss.R.

2002: The Silver Collection

posted on Sep 3, 04:36 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

The Silver Collection is a 25th Anniversary Celebration, Digitally Re-mastered, 2 CD compilation of all four of the below recordings along with three bonus tracks including “Days to Come”, written and sung by Eugene O’Reilly for the 2001 Redemptorist Provincial Assembly. Copies of this collection are available for purchase from our Provincial Administration Offices for the price of $15Can. This price includes shipping and handling fees within Canada and the US. To order this CD or for information about our other musical offerings see the email for “Redemptorist Music” please click on the link above.

1990: When Evening Comes (recorded in Toronto, Ontario)

posted on Sep 3, 04:36 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Over the years, three of the original Redemptorists singers were still singing. At this point we included more Redemptorists and lay friends to join the effort. Now came a quieter period in our history. When Evening Comes marked a turning point. We still have the energy and enthusiasm (and we are recording digitally), yet the music shows a maturity. A maturity in song-crafting ability: lyrics, which provoke and inspire, lyrics influenced by life’s experiences. The “Song of Peter” is a reflective piece, a song that is sung today on the Sea of Galilee each time teachers and others journey to the Holy Land.

1985: Children Of The Light (recorded in Toronto, Ontario)

posted on Sep 3, 04:35 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

From 1978-1985 the Redemptorist singers were involved in various ministries throughout the country. The preaching of Parish missions became an important part of the Redemptorists’ focus. During these missions there was a “Service of Light” — lit candles — and renewal of Baptismal promises. A very moving celebration and yet the music available at that time didn’t capture the event completely. On a ferry from Newfoundland to N. Sydney — heading for another mission — a little tune popped into the head of Eugene O’Reilly. What happened since has been amazing. The song “Children Of The Light” has become an anthem for all Catholic schools in the country and all over the world. This song has been recorded many times by others, and is in parishes and schools as part of religious education programs. NO ONE could have predicted the impact this song has had in Catholic circles since 1985 to this day.

1978: All In My Hand (recorded in Ajax, Ontario)

posted on Sep 3, 04:34 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

The same four Redemptorists gather again, along with three female singers (Mary Jo and Betty Anne Heffernan and Karen Kingdom) to produce a rousing, and thankfully, a technically improved and more polished recording (after all having done ONE album we were now experienced). On this recording we experimented with a wide variety of musical styles from Rock to Reggae. Nobody could have accused us of having the same sound over and over again. From this recording the Caribbean flavoured “I Am Your God” was selected to be part of the religious education programs in Canada.

1977: Damascus Road (recorded in Ajax, Ontario)

posted on Sep 3, 04:33 pm by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Four Redemptorists with a desire to sing The Word (Darrell McGinn, Paul Curtin, Yaroslaw Dybka, Eugene O’Reilly). Our first experience in a recording studio. —everything new—lots of energy and enthusiasm. Long before the popularity of Celtic music from the East coast was rediscovered, Damascus Road was recorded with the help of a Newfoundland Bar Band. Yes we may have been technically challenged but our sincerity was true. The most recognized song “Prodigal Son” or “Father I have Sinned”, made it into the Canadian Hymnal II and part of religious education programs throughout Canada. Now, over 35 years later it is still being sung in penitential services, sung and expressed in so many creative ways that we never even considered…way back then.

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