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Creed on Death

posted on 21/12/11 02:26 pm by Kathy McMerty  

Article by Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

I believe in death

I believe that we were born to die…
         To die that we may live more fully.
         Born to die a little each day
         To selfishness, to pretense, to sin.

I believe that every time we pass from one stage of life
To another, something in us dies.
         The innocence and spontaneity of childhood dies
         To the daring of youth,
         To the reasoning of maturity.

I believe that death is the way of nature in
         A flower that fades, a leaf that falls,
         A raindrop that evaporates, a breeze that passes by

I believe that I taste death in moments of loneliness
         Of unlove, sorrow and disappointment
         When I am afraid, lose courage and give up
         See my broken dreams
         And every time I say goodbye.

I believe that I am dying before my time when I live in
         Bitterness, hatred and isolation.

I believe that I create my own death by the way that I live.

I believe that life and death are one:
         That in one and the same moment
         I can say that I am living and I am dying.

I believe that Jesus walked toward His death out of life,
         And that he invites me to do the same.

So may it be.

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