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posted on 04/09/20 02:52 pm by Kathy McMerty  

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September 2020
Dear Viewers,

In the mind of many the fall season begins with the Labor Day week-end and the return to school of millions of children across the country a few days later.

As I go for my morning walk I notice that fall is in the air. It air has turned cool already. Yes, the seasons come and go. And yes, while Covid 19 arrived as if it was a hurricane in its own right; but it too will pass eventually or a vaccine will be created and we will return to what is being popularly called “The New Normal”.

Is it safe to send the children to school while this pandemic continues? Can children learn from home on the computer? Do children need to be in school where they can learn the everyday social skills of relating to the world around them? These are the concerns of every parent. They should all be included in our prayer – children, parents and teachers and those who make the decisions as to how the school year will unfold.

None of these issues are going to be resolved quickly. The demands on government are many. And the resources of governments are limited. At the same time many have lost their jobs and parents struggle to pay rent and keep food on the table.

In this time of crisis may we all strive to be patient and understanding. May we reach out to help in whatever way our gifts and talents and resources allow.

Thank you for your donation in support of the Perpetual Help TV Devotions. I have placed your petition form (in a sealed envelope) at the Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

As you pray for us, know that your intentions, written or carried in your heart, for the needs of all who are near and dear to you, living and for the deceased are included in our Masses and prayers at the Shrine throughout the coming months!

In the Redeemer,

Fr. Babu Mathew, C.Ss.R.

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