Another Great Blessing from the Christmas Season….

posted on 07/02/14 12:01 pm by Kathy McMerty  

By Fr. Steve Morrisey, C.Ss.R.

Now that the wonders of the Christmas Season are over, I just want to take a few moments and share a few awesome experiences that came my way over the last few days of 2013 and into 2014. Over these days I was blessed to visit more of Saskatchewan than I could have ever imagined. The season of Advent and the first few days of celebration around the Nativity, took me to a beautiful region of the province.

The Diocese of Saskatoon is very big. One of the regions in this diocese is known as the Sand Hills Region. That particular region of this diocese has felt a lot of history over the years. I tried to learn a small part of the history and the past but the excitement of the Christmas Joy and seeing several new faces made a lasting mark on my life.

Over the first days of Christmas, (from the 4th Sunday of Advent to Christmas Day) I was truly blessed to work with Deacon Bob Williston as we shared ministry together. The Parish Communities of Leader, Lancer, Prelate and Eatonia, Saskatchewan heard some beautiful music from the strings of Bob’s guitar and the parishioners were left with many wonderful memories.

The Christmas season also took me to St. Peter’s Abbey and the Monks of Muenster, SK. After a few days of reading and praying it was off to Macklin, SK and the final celebrations of the Christmas Season.

I know a three hour drive is nothing but Saskatoon to Macklin is a good long drive along Highway 14. These Parish communities, like we could say about every community, were welcoming and very appreciative. When St. Alphonsus went to bring The Good News and when St. Clement called all of us to preach the Gospel Ever Anew, I believe they had small places like these in mind.

It was a true blessing knowing that Jack Kingsbury C.Ss.R. was offering the people of St. Mary’s his very best so that I could help and offer ministry in the Sand Hills region, while the people of the Northern Saskatchewan (Black Lake) could also experience Redemptorist hospitality through Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R. Jack offered his time and services at our last provincial chapter. We are truly blessed, and I feel truly blessed to know that Redemptorists from far and wide regions of North America work together to Preach the Gospel Ever Anew!

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