It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Even in a Construction Zone!

posted on 03/01/13 10:38 am by Kathy McMerty  

By Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.

Christ is born! The snow is flying! It’s a brand new year! The Christmas Holidays have seen a break from the busyness of demolition, installation of plumbing and electrical and the laying of concrete for both the new handicap entrance in the front of the building and the garage floor. We are happy to say that progress is being made!

Even with the snow finally flying in Toronto, the construction of the garage and the pouring of the concrete is still able to be safely done without any harm or negative effects due to the cold. As you can see in the pictures (on the following page), the chillers and conduit for air conditioning have been installed, along with the conduit for the new electrical service from the street to the new electrical vault which will be in the parking lot, adjacent to the garage. Once the new year comes and construction resumes, the garage will soon be erected.

Even on the inside of the building, tremendous progress is being made. One remarkable feature that underlies the entire project, is the removal of “past renovations” which often saw the creation of lower ceilings, bulky bulkheads and surface mount electrical conduit. These have all been removed. Of course, new bulkheads and new ceilings will be erected, but they will be done to maximize space especially in the ceilings.

Another interesting feature that will soon be completed, is the sample bedroom. This sample will be completed based on the general specifications already determined for each room, but will also be the place where decisions for finishings will take place, for example, tiles for washroom walls and floors, paint colour, colour tones for hardwood floors, and for millwork for closets and other features that need to be considered. It is always easier to make decisions based on visual comparison. Once this room is completed, then all the rooms will be completed based on the specifications and options considered for the model room. This will assist the contractor and the trades to visually reference their work. It will also give the Confreres and future residents the opportunity to come and see both the ongoing progress and what their future rooms will look like.

As we move into the new year, it is amazing to think that in 6 months, we will be well within reach of moving back into our residence. We are still on target with a July 1st move in date. Though there are always surprises and set backs (and we have seen our share already) they have been met with great consideration and creativity. I commend the work of our Architect, Kelly Gilbride and Contractor, Peter Kwan as they continue to lead the effort and work of the subcontractors.

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