The Devotional Life

Pope John Paul II taught about the Eucharist that it is the, "Source and Summit" of our Catholic faith. The Eucharist is one of the most tangible ways that God is present in the world today. If confusion weighs to heavily on our hearts, if we struggle with meaninglessness, if we long to step off life's frantic treadmill and slow down to ponder the direction of our lives, Jesus invites us, "Come to Me".

Redemptorists have fostered devotion to our Lord's mother, to the Saints and to the Eucharist in many forms. St. Alphonsus, our founder, had a strong attachment to Our Lady and, over the years, we have spread devotion to Mary under the title of Mother of Perpetual Help at the invitation of Pope Pius IX. St. Alphonsus also wrote many prayers to help ordinary people communicate with God in a way that was familiar to them. One of his most popular works was the "Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary" which is made available on this website as a daily meditation.

Take a break from your work, spend a few moments in the silence and the love of God.

Devotions to Our Lady and to particular Saints have a rich historical tradition in the Catholic church. By recognizing the profound manner in which God has touched an individual life we have, through the ages, been able to focus on the meaning of God's incarnation, the fact that God became human in the world. We recognize that God is not just a supreme being that rules over the universe but that, in fact, God has blessed and continues to bless the world and our daily lives through the lives of ordinary people who have shown the extraordinary power of God's love.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Daily Meditations

Read the introduction below to get started:

"To Pray Daily in the Way that We Should"

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Prayers of St. Gerard

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