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Advent-Christmas 2014 - A Mote of Dust

posted on 05/12/14 03:16 pm by Kathy McMerty  

By Fr. Paul Hansen, C.Ss.R.

The spacecraft Voyager 1 saw it first – 3.7 billion miles in space and then it was named by the astronomer Carl Sagan – A Mote of Dust Suspended in a Sunbeam. That’s our home. It is all of us on this tiny mote of dust in an enormous beautiful cosmos. We call her Mother Earth.

And to this Mote of Dust came for us Christians the Good News. It all begins with a pregnancy and a birth. It is the first proclamation and it came from a squealing, dependent, vulnerable infant – born in less than hygienic conditions. The chances of surviving are not great. This infant is placed in a feeding trough, I suppose somewhat like a homeless person, like a squatter person, like a refugee, like a pet animal – extremely dependent and vulnerable. Yet bearing a message.

The child grows, listens, learns and wants to tell us something. This Mother Earth is the only home we have ever known. Daily she struggles to give birth and to care for her children. The child Jesus gives us a Way, a Truth and a Life.

          How blessed are you who are poor…
          Blessed are you who are hungry…
          Blessed are you who are weeping…
          Blessed are you when people hate you…

A paradox isn’t it. How can such a message be a hope and a future?

During this Advent and Christmas season, please step out of doors and look up at the stars. Please find the Star of Bethlehem. Then look down at your feet and see the beautiful Earth on which you stand. Both are one.

My Christmas gift to you all is that you appreciate the beautiful gifts that have been given to us on this Mote of Dust. Please be grateful and share.

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