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Advent 2012 Reflection on the Mekong River

posted on 17/12/12 04:05 pm by Kathy McMerty  

This season of faith is an invitation to receive the gift of the Present. The greatest gift given to us is time. Treasure every moment.

The gift of Life in time is oh so precious. Celebrate the wonder of your walking among us.

Human tragedy is all around me. Children are terribly abused and neglected by family members; others are born with HIV/AIDS – young ones hit the streets to hussle and survive and fathers sell their young daughters’ kidneys for little.

The Middle East, the geography of Jesus, is unstable or at war. The West is often a voyeur.

You cannot own the gift of time but only receive it. The truth of the matter – there is only the Present. So often we are crucified between two thieves, the Past and the Future. So live your present, be mindful there. Appreciate the life and time you have been given. Enter the Present of the significant other and celebrate.

‘So how can you tell me you’re lonely and that the sun won’t shine, let me take you by the hand and lead you to your present moment and I will show you someone who will make you change your mind.’

My Christmas wish for you is that you savour the life and time you have been given celebrated in the greatest gift of Real Presence.

Presence –

To realize the value of a friend or family member, lose one.

Fr. Paul 2012

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