Corner Brook – Holy Redeemer parish

Established in 1927 by the Diocese of St. George’s, the parish was transferred to the Toronto Province Redemptorists, who had preached numerous missions in Newfoundland since the 19th century. During the years, the Redemptorists served outmissions of Deer Lake (1931-1944), Howley (1931-1944), Bonne Bay, St. Pauls and Parsons Pond. The Redemptorists returned the parish to the diocese when it became the Episcopal See.

Harbour Main – St. Peter and Paul parish

For the Diocese of Grand Falls, the Toronto Province Redemptorists served the parishes of St. Peter and Paul and St. Anne’s in Conception Harbour. Rev. Titus Campbell also acted as administrator from September 1981 until Easter 1982 in the parish in King’s Cove. The parish was returned to the diocese.

St. George’s – St. Joseph’s parish

As a result of an agreement between the Bishops of Grand Falls and St. George’s, the Redemptorists from Corner Brook moved to this parish, which dated from 1870. The parish was returned to the Diocese of St. George’s.

St. John’s – St. Teresa’s parish

The Archdiocese of St. John’s established the parish in 1930 and the Toronto Province Redemptorists assumed the responsibility of the parish a quarter century later. In the spring of 1957, 14 Redemptorists also conducted an extensive mission throughout the archdiocese. A new church was opened in 1964 overlooking Mundy Pond and featuring the architectural design and art of William McElcheran. When the Redemptorists left Whitbourne in 1971, St. Teresa’s became the central base for the Mission preachers. Two Redemptorists pastors, Frs. James Glavine and John Madigan, were honored with city streets named after them.

Whitbourne – St. Alphonsus parish

The parish was founded in 1887 and transferred to the Toronto Province in April 1950 just after Newfoundland joined Canada. Under pastor Fr. Gerald Murphy, a concrete block church and monastery were built immediately after the transfer and became a central base for Redemptorists giving Missions throughout the province. In 1967, a new church was constructed. The outmissions under the parish were Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, Turk’s Cove, Markland, Chapel Arm, Bellevue, Gooseberry Cove and Little Heart’s Ease. The parish was returned to the Diocese of Grand Falls in August 1971.

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