Charlottetown – Holy Redeemer parish

Invited by Bishop Louis O’Leary of the Diocese of Charlottetown, the Redemptorists established the city’s new parish. Under founding pastor Fr. Joseph McGreel, a “basement” church was built on the site of Queen and Bayfield streets and opened on December 25, 1929. The monastery was located on Euston Street, where a mission band also was stationed. The Redemptorists also served the South Shore Mission in New Dominion, an outlying region in Cornwall. Pastor Fr. Cecil Moreau (1956-1962) created and sponsored a Co-Op Housing Project in the city’s north area. The principal street of the project bears his name as Moreau Drive. Under pastor Fr. Francis Maloney, a new church and rectory was built in 1964. Pastor Fr. William Enright (1939) left the parish to serve as the first Redemptorist chaplain in the armed services during the Second World. Following the war, Fr. Enright received successive appointments to the parish totalling 16 years. He retired in the city and died four months after the Redemptorists returned the parish to the diocese. His body was buried in the Redemptorist plot in the Catholic Cemetery in Charlottetown. After his death, Fr. Enright was honoured with the naming of “Enright House,” an apartment building on the site of the Redemptorist rectory/monastery on Euston Street.

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